Lunch at Phil’s Fish Market- April 8, 2015

There is something about Phil’s Fish Market that just makes you want to come back for more. If I lived close by, I would make Phil’s a staple in my weekly food routine. Phil’s Fish Market is an institution.

When you first walk in, there is a line that goes out the door. After ordering your food at the counter and finding your table, you will be amazed with what happens next. The fish is so fresh; it is as if it comes straight from the ocean and right onto your plate. Every dish that I tried was astounding, I just can’t say enough about Phil’s Fish Market. This tasting is by far my favorite that I have had in a while. And by the way, the line was out the door for the whole 2 hours that I dined.

Here’s what I tried:


Steamed Clams & Garlic Bread- Steamed with Tomatoes, Green Onions, Garlic, Thyme, White Wine, and Butter. These clams are not small, and the broth alone is worth ordering these delicious gems.

Miyagi-oysters raw- these oysters are so big, but packed with freshness; I loved these oysters.

Sautéed Champagne Oysters- 4 Pacific Oysters sautéed in Butter & Champagne with Shallots. I prefer raw over these cooked ones.

Artichoke- Grilled with aioli sauce. This is a very simple preparation, but really delicious.

Clam Chowder- New England White and Manhattan Red. The New England white was my favorite: a nice buttery and creamy soup with lots of clams.

House Specials:

Blackened Sea Scallops- With Lemon Butter, topped with Capers. The scallops are small but they serve a lot in one bowl. The blackened part of this dish is very yummy.

Cioppino- Served in a bowl with Green Salad and Garlic Bread. This is what they are famous for. I loved the crab in the cioppino; you can taste how fresh it is.

Halibut- Breaded and grilled served with green salad, garlic bread, and your choice of fries or rice. The fresh halibut is the perfect fish, and the accompaniments are also terrific.

Hot Sandwiches:

Lobster Roll- Lobster meat sautéed in Garlic Butter, served on a New England Hot Dog Bun with Fries & Coleslaw. They put so much lobster in this sandwich. I saved this sandwich and ate it at the airport the next day; I felt so privileged to be eating a lobster sandwich at the San Jose airport.


Hahn Chardonnay – Nicky Hahn – Monterey Chardonnay 2013. Everything went great with this wine; it is simple and easy to drink.

They also sent me home with some nice smoked salmon, which I took home on the plane with me and enjoyed it for days to come.

The staff was very eager to tend to my every need, and there were plenty of them. I would venture to say that the turn over is minimal, because all of the servers and counter workers have smiles on their faces. They are just so busy that I can’t imagine these workers not earning a nice living at Phil’s Fish House.

Part of your trip to Moss Landing has to include a stop to Phil’s Fish Market. If it’s not part of your itinerary, you’re missing out.

Phil’s Fish Market & Eatery
7600 Sandholdt Rd.
Moss Landing, CA 95039
(831) 633-2152


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