Daniel Dover has established a career built on ingenuity, versatility, and his relentless attitude, which always kept him at the vanguard of his numerous mediums of choice. Whether it’s his wit and humor, technical prowess, or anything in between, Dover has plenty of rabbits in his hat to make his artistic undertakings successful. Dover has been compared to many famous street and visual artists; Banksy, Ron English, Tristan Eaton, and Basquiat, just to name a few. His eclectic styles say a lot about his creative journey, from exhibiting in his hometown of Tel Aviv, across Europe, and all the way to his current home in New York City, which he adores for all that it has to offer. Needless to say, he knows what it takes to make it in America.

When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Dover says, “It usually comes from weird interactions I see around me – the more awkward, the better. I try not to take myself too seriously, so I let my humor lead the way”. Daniel Dover’s sense of humor, much like his personality, is very sincere, direct, and self-aware, all qualities that can be seen throughout his long list of projects. He doesn’t want the accolades that come with being famous, to him it’s all about the work.

Part conceptual, part theory, Daniel Dover’s art comes from deep within his psyche. His most recent labor of love is his animated show, ‘Bernard & Ralph – and The Beach-House Gang’, which he created, produced, and published under the pen name ‘Ginz-Burg’. The show follows a group of dysfunctional animals, each representing various mental and social disorders, as they attempt to get their lives back on track while living together in a communal halfway house.

Although the show deals with rather sensitive topics, such as depression, social isolation, and other mental issues, its humorous tone and quirky characters make these themes approachable for the viewer. This setting also provides a positive environment in which to engage with these subjects and examine them in a different light, ultimately offering an opportunity for catharsis.

Daniel Dover is continuing to produce ‘Bernard & Ralph – and The Beach-House Gang’ as a series of cartoon shorts, as well as actively working towards opportunities to turn it into a longer-form show. Dover is also developing several other cartoon show concepts, while also continuing to communicate with studios, as he’s always itching to bring his innovative arsenal of characters to life on a variety of platforms.

Daniel Dover’s current work in animation is a direct extension of the attitudes he embodied when he started his artistic career. In 2007, his street art series of gas-masked characters began to surface around Tel Aviv. Within the next two years, he became identified with a wide range of urban interventions,and his street art images grew increasingly diverse. One such artistic undertaking was his conception and painting of the animated escalators inside the entrance of Tel Aviv’s City Hall. Dover’s playful piece hit the internet and immediately went viral, and has also remained in commission to this day.

After moving to New York, Dover shifted his focus to animation projects, while still exhibiting his artwork in many various forms, with shows in Tel-Aviv, around Europe, and New York City. No matter the place, format, or subject, everything adds up to one prolific artist, willing to go the distance and do what it takes to bring his artwork to the forefront of his field. Whether it’s using spray paint, ink, ready-made sculpture or other media, Daniel Dover is a master of creating a visually sharp statement that projects a fragile truth about complex human and social systems. His work has been reviewed in many prestigious publications; Huffington Post, The LA Times, European Pressphoto Agency, The Guardian, and many more.

With such a wide range of exciting projects, it’s hard to know when and where Daniel Dover’s art will turn up next. This self-proclaimed workaholic has reinvented himself time and time again, and plans on providing his followers with many more surprises in the near future. His star sparkles proudly, and those in the know are collecting. Whether he’s painting art on the escalators at City Hall, curating a plastic zoo, or animating lovable eccentric characters, Daniel Dover’s art has no limits.

Daniel Dover:

DoverD – by Kutiman

Bernard & Ralph – and the Beach-House Gang – ‘Empire-State Elephant’


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