Pre-Awards DPA Gifting Lounge – Friday, Sept. 18th – 2016

It is always so great to be a part of Natalie Dubois gift suites, they are elegant and unlike any other I have ever experienced in Hollywood. The array of products, trips, and libations are always astounding. You’re on the rooftop of the very glamorous Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, taking in all of the things that this very lively gift suite has to offer.

Each vendor has their own story to tell about themselves and their products, all very heart warming, you feel more like family then media, its just that personal. I am very blessed and love to be able to write about all of the great things leading up to Televisions biggest evening:

Here are all of the lovely gift vendors:

Airelle – Skincare, DW – The Doctors Wife Skincare, Define Me – Fragrances, Hysqia – Intimate Swiss, Premiere Essential Scents, Arido – Jewelry, Micalla, Marlies Dekker, Crysatl Dust Dust, Teo Jasmin, Daneson, Marchon, Demure 31, Una Mas Tequila, Cavery Kitchen, Prana Organics, 118 degrees, z chocolat, Kneady Bakery, Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa.

Charitable Organizations: Sierra Club

I really look forward to Natalie’s gift suite for both Emmy’s and Oscar’s, each one with their unique blend of very special items.


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