9021Pho – Lunch April 26, 2014

9021Pho – Lunch April 26, 2014

Wow, wow, wow, Kimmy Tang has managed to make Pho not only a great eating experience, but she’s added so many delicious nuances you would not consider this place your average Pho restaurant. Next time you’re in the mood think outside the box, because 9021Pho has done that and more.

The interior with its bright, effervescent and sunny spaces match perfectly with the all of its colorful food. So sit back and enjoy the ride, you’re in for a real treat!!!

Here’s what I could never live without, (pretty much everything I tried):


Seared Steak Salad- Sliced Filet Mignon, baby greens, cucumbers, mint, tomatoes, onions, basil, and ponzu dressing. For the low carb folks this one will still get you full, and give you lots of protein with great Asian flavors.

Traditional Vietnamese Bun Salad:

Combination – 9021Pho Crunchy rolls (2pc), Charbroiled marinated pork, mixed greens, carrots, cucumbers, mint, bean, sprouts, peanuts, shallots, Vietnamese and vinaigrette. The noodles are so firm; I have never tasted noodles at a Pho restaurant this good.


Fresh Rolls – Rice Wrap, Jicama, Cucumbers, Shredded Carrots, mint, green Lettuce, and Shrimp. The dipping sauces are so amazing, and the roll are very fresh.

9021Pho crunchy rolls- Rice paper, real crabmeat, shrimp, chicken, taro, shallots tree ear mushrooms. I have never had a roll like this anywhere, what an accomplishment.

Honey Walnut Prawns- Prawns, Sweet Mayonnaise Sauce, and crispy honey roasted walnuts. By far my favorite appetizer, so crispy, and fresh, with a dollop of this nice sauce on top.

Lunch Specials:

Rodeo Drive – Panko – Fried filet of White Fish, Chef Kimmy’s Original French Spicy Aioli. This lovely dish comes in a bento box and has a lot of fun extras, all very delicious.

House Specialties:

Star anise salmon – Pan – seared Salmon, Star Anise Lemongrass, honey, and lime juice. Served with steamed vegetables. The presentation alone with get you salivating.


Pho CA (Sole)- Filet of Sole, Onions and Cilantro, in Savory vegetable broth. What a wonderful rendition of the Vietnamese staple. The fish is fresh and flavorful, and the noodles stand up to the hot broth and are slightly Al dente.

Pho Chicken Curry- Chicken Breast, Onions, Cilantro, yams, in Savory chicken curry broth. To do a Pho soup with curry is amazing in itself, and so many glorious flavors.

Noodles & Rice:

Rainbow Fried Rice- Tomatoes, peas, celery, mushrooms, onions, eggs and baby corn. This rice has a really terrific flavor; I would order this one every time.


Curry Chicken – Snow Peas, onions, sweet yams, mushrooms, baby corn, and tofu served with Vietnamese curry. The chicken is tender and melts in your mouth, while the curry is very subtle but packs a punch, one of the best curries I’ve ever had.

From The Grill:

Grilled Chicken, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, shallots, peanuts and scallions. This is served over rice with lovely fresh veggies, a great combination.


Exotic Bomba – White chocolate-coated mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbet drizzled with chocolate. It is a hard outside chocolate shell with lovely fragrant sorbet on the inside. The gorgeous array of drizzled sauces make this very colorful.

Crème Brulee – A French staple. Creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar. Once again Chef Kimmy Tang has out done her self with this illustrious dessert.



Vietnam 33 – Distinct, smoky smell with a fruity, caramel- like flavor that is slightly bitter and finishes with a short, thin taste.

Japan Asahi- Known for being refreshing and cool on the palate it is fast becoming one of the most popular beers in the world.

Sapporo – Traditional brewing with a careful selection of hops produces a light taste and fantastically smooth beer.

I am not really the expert on beer, but I did try all of them, for me with this kind of food it really works. Every beer is very drinkable. Some stronger then others, but each one a special thirst quencher in its own way. It also calms down the heat in all the spicy combinations

White Wines:

Sauvignon Blanc – Geyser peak, Sonoma, California. Fruit forward, but it has some hints of grapefruit, it was a delight with the fresh roils. You can also count on this wine choice to add something special to any of the curry dishes.

Chardonnay, Snap Dragon, California, I have never heard or tried this wine, so I was very surprised. It has a great fruit quality, no overblown oak; it’s just the perfect match with all of these fish inspired Vietnamese dishes.

Beringer, Napa valley, California. Another fine Chardonnay, standing up to the crispy fish in the lunch special.

Pinot Noir A by Acacia, Napa valley, California. I would try this wine with the bbq pork in the combination; it has the right amount of berry goodness to round out the smoky bbq seasonings.

Zinfandel, Ravenswood, lodie, California. A great pair with the steak salad, with its cherry, vanilla flavors.

Kimmy Tang was born in Saigon, her culinary career started in her family’s kitchen. She moved to California and opened her first restaurant, Michelia Asian Bistro in Los Angeles, where she combined French techniques with dishes inspired by her background in Chinese and Vietnamese cooking.
After selling that restaurant and embarking on a world culinary tour that included Spain, Germany and a trip back to Vietnam, Tang opened the first 9021Pho in Beverly Hills in 2009. She hasn’t slowed down since. There are currently four 9021Pho locations in Southern California, with 3 more opening soon in Koreatown, Westwood and Thousand Oaks.

What sets this Pho restaurant apart from other, is their incredible variety, not like other Pho joints this one has so many choices you are able to try all kinds of Vietnamese inspired foods.

Chef Kimmy Tang has been called by the LA Times “Chef of the moment.” There have been some other long standing eating establishments in this Beverly Hills location, Jacopo’s being one of them, but I believe that 9021Pho with be at this location for a very long time and that Chef Kimmy Tang will turn her moments into a culinary empire.

490 N. Beverly Drive,
Beverly Hills, (310) 275-5277


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