Aroma Sunset Bar and Grill – Dinner – December 17, 2017 – Hollywood, CA.

This place is just so cool you can tell why the young Hollywood crowd is smitten with its atmosphere and great food. Right on Sunset with nice inviting curb appeal, the outdoor fireplaces make for a cozy romantic spot in the winter in Hollywood.

The interior has a blue lite ceiling, which gives Aroma extra ambiance. It has a capacity is 140, and even though its not Kosher by Jewish standards it is for people who keep Kosher. For real Kosher you have to have a rabbi on premise 24/7. There are many Israeli dishes as well as Mediterranean, seeing that the owners are from Israel.

In January they will starting a new lunch special program with some of their delicious dishes priced from $8.00 – $12.00 a plate, that’s what I call a bargain!

Here’s what I tried:


Bell Town Chardonnay, CA. 2014, fresh fragrant and very easy on the palate. It is straightforward and went great with the salmon dishes.


Lettuce Cups, with ground chicken breast sautéed with green onions and jicama in a tangy teriyaki marinade, topped with rice crunchy noodles and diced tomatoes. This is a fun refreshing way to start your experience here at Aroma Sunset Bar & Grill, it is tasty and light.

Avocado Roil, with fresh avocado egg rolls fried up crispy. Served with our sweet cilantro and teriyaki dipping sauces. Freshly made in-house daily. Like an egg roll but with fresh avocado inside, perfect for the vegetarian.


Salmon Salad, with pan-seared salmon fillet, served warm over a bed of greens, hearts of palm, grape tomatoes and walnuts, tossed in their house dressing. They use fresh salmon and cook it with a nice crust, the greens are wonderful, all together a great healthy option.


BBQ Chicken Pizza, with Mozzarella cheese, red onion, mushrooms and chicken breast topped with a tangy BBQ sauce. The presentation is astounding, with a nice round drizzle of BBQ sauce and the pizza dough is cooked to perfection.


Salmon Penne Pasta, pan-seared salmon fillet on top of penne pasta tossed with broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots in a creamy pesto sauce. This is the same salmon used in the salad instead it is on a bed of penne with fresh pesto and some nice vegetables. It is full of flavor and very filling.


Young Chicken, tender, juicy chicken thighs marinated in Aroma’s special seasonings. Served with onion rice and a chopped vegetable salad. A flattened down grilled chicken thigh that is tender and wonderful, the rice and the salad are also fantastic.


Onion Rings, once again you all know I am a huge lover of onion rings and these are right up there with the best, they also serve it with a secret sauce that is out of this world.


Mini Chocolate Soufflé, milk chocolate, served with whipped cream and ice cream. The soufflé takes about 14 minutes to make so order early, but completely worth the wait.

There are always notable folks here including recent sightings of Alice Cooper and Dr. Dre, as well as other celebrities. It’s always a scene at Aroma Sunset Bar & Grill.

They offer delivery up to 8 miles away, and they have an amazing happy hour with reduced food and drink prices. With a 3 for $14.00 food menu, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Many places in Los Angeles you’re paying for the atmosphere and the hipster vibe, here your paying for the delicious food, and the vibe is free of charge. Aroma offers great food with an elegant interior, very extensive menu, something for everyone, and lots of influencers here every night, what more could you ask for.

Aroma Sunset Bar & Grill

7373 W. Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90046



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