Blue Plate Oysterette Dinner – August 8, 2014

It is so hard to find a good East Coast seafood restaurant in Los Angeles! Sure there are the usual suspects but really, an East Coast seafood restaurant is a rare commodity. There’s one in my neighborhood that I tried and it was really greasy and bad. Funny thing is, it’s packed all the time…go figure! I’m not going to mention any names here but it rhymes with Lonnie and Fred’s.

Then there is Blue Plate Oysterette. They offer great seafood items that are delicious and reasonably priced. They also have nicely appointed interiors with…here it is, the absolute best seafood anywhere in Los Angeles! That’s right, the best!!!

The interior is clean, white and bright. Little silver swimming fish adorn the walls, and industrial light fixtures warm up the environment. The always-changing chalk boards add a casual feel, and lets you know what the fresh fish and specials are. The blue stripes and white tile add to the squeaky clean feel. There is a small outdoor patio that sits right on 3rd street and makes for good people watching spot. It’s got a very modern feel, with a Cape Cod seaside vibe.

Their staff is so fun and friendly, guaranteed to show you a good time no matter what. Jonathan and Brain were the shining stars, both so funny and warm. All of the wait staff will put a smile on your face. They are so attentive and have your best dining interest at heart.

Here’s what I tried:


Marc Plonzeau Perles

Louis de Grenelle

Domaine Carneros

Each one of these sparkling wines/Champaign worked fantastically with the raw oysters. There’s nothing better then Champaign and oysters.


Starmont – Chardonnay Napa Valley. This wine has a lot of oak, backed with a rich vanilla, caramel flavor. I would drink this one with the lobster roll.

Napa Cellars – Chardonnay Napa. This is a buttery wine that paired nicely with the scallop’s crudo; it added just the right amount of oak in your palate.

Baladina – Albarino Spain. It’s got a grassy feel, with some light pineapple nuances. It is very fragrant and would work well with all the different ocean goodness of the oysters.

Justin – Sauvignon Blanc California. This wine has no bitter grapefruit tones; instead it is very well rounded and was great with the light shrimp Cobb salad.

Itsas Mendi – Taxacoli Spain. I liked this wine with the lobster mac and cheese and the clam chowder.


Leyda – Pinot Noir Chile. This worked well with the fried oysters in the Banh Mi sandwich.

La Posta – Malbec Mendoza. A very deep rich wine with lots of berry flavor, this is a go to wine with red meat, so I would pair this one with the burger as well.

Lesson Plan – Syrah Grenache Russian River. I would drink this wine with the burger as well, got to go with the smoky grilled red meat flavor.

E.Guigal – Cotes du Rhone France. This is a spicy wine with great straightforward earth driven notes. It went best with the burger.

Raw Bar:

Oysters On The Half – homemade cocktail sauce, MV pickled shallot mignonette. Each and every oyster is like it just came out of the ocean, it’s that fresh!

Crudo – Chef’s daily preparation – Scallops. What a lovely way of eating raw scallops.


New England Clam Chowder – cherrystone clams, light cream broth, bacon. There are lots and lots of clams and you pretty much know that they are fresh.

Shrimp Cobb Salad – beets, avocado, beacon, bleu cheese, cherry tomato, egg, and dill dressing. The shrimp are big prawns that they cut up into smaller pieces, so it’s not your typical bay shrimp salad. This will give all of my other Cobb salad favorites a run for their money.

BPO Summer Specials:

Fried Oyster Banh Mi – pickled vegetables, fresh cilantro, spicy aoli on a brioche roll. This is a great oyster sandwich, with a Vietnamese twist, very yummy.

Small Plates:

Fish Tacos – grilled white fish, cabbage, cilantro aioli. Delicious and cooked to perfection, a great fish lovers menu item.

Lobster Mac & Cheese – Maine Lobster, parmesan, herbs, and truffle oil. So vevelty rich, and the lobster once again are huge big pieces, this one will make you cry.

Large Plates:

Lobster Roll – dressed or undressed Maine Lobster, brioche roll. This was by far the best lobster roll ever on the planet. They put so much of it in each roll, including the claws and it’s so fresh. It will make you very happy! I have to go back every week just for this delicious roil!

Blue Plate Burger – Angus beef, Tillamook cheddar, Old Bay fries. This is a very meaty burger with all the trimmings. For the burger lover this is a must have, for me however I am just too stuck on all the fresh seafood.


Coconut Brown Rice. What a delight, the coconut dances in your mouth, and the rice is sweet, but perky. A great side dish!

Slaw. Nice flavor, with a dash of cumin, great accompaniment.


Key Lime Pie – fresh key limes, whipped cream. This has got to be the best key lime pie your ever going to eat.

There are four restaurants in all in the Blue Plate Company, two Blue Plate Oysterette’s; one in Santa Monica and one on 3rd Street. Then there’s Blue Plate Taco and Blue Plate, if these two are as good as Blue Plate Oysterette, I will have to try those as well.

I am told that this wonderful cuisine is very popular in New England, Cape Cod, and Montauk. Having never been I can only say this delicious food is my new favorite Los Angeles restaurant. Whether it’s West Coast or East Coast in my book its every coast. Next time your near one of it’s two locations pop in for a glorious lobster roll, it will keep you coming back for more.

Blue Plate Oysterette
8048 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Mon – Sat 11:30 – 11, Sunday 11:30 – 10
(323) 656-5474


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