Calistoga – Lincoln Spa – Spa Treatment – December 23, 2014

Calistoga, otherwise call Mud City, is that and more. At the Lincoln Spa they offer lots of different spa services that will not disappoint. They have been a mainstay in Calistoga for 20 years. I have had many treatments since I have been coming to Calistoga with my father for a good 30 years so this isn’t my first rodeo.

When you arrive your greeted by the very handsome dog Ruffles, whose nose is half pink and half black. He is a huge fluffy cockapoo, who made my experience all the more fun. This treatment was very fun too! So special, I highly recommend giving Lincoln Spa a try!

Here’s what I services I tried:

A mud Ayurvedic steam tables treatment with mud, and a full body massage. This type of treatment was called the Ayurvedic Herbal Mineral which is a special detoxifying blend of Ayurvedic herbs, minerals and clays. So when you get into the room you undress and they give you mud to spread all over your body except for your feet and face. You can ask your person assigned to you to put mud in the spots that you missed.

After you are covered, you lie down on the Ayurvedic table and take in all of the steam. Your spa aide will then come in and make sure your ok, as well as give you water and do a facial mud on you as well. When you’re done you can wash off everything on your own and take a nice hot shower, complete with shampoo and body wash.

Finally, you are taken into another room for your fantastic full body massage. My masseuse Audrey was very knowledgeable about all things spiritual. She talked to me about so many wonderful things, some personal, some not. My massage went by so quick, but was very well received. I would highly recommend having Audrey do yours as well.

They also give you a free day pass to Golden Haven Hot Springs and Resort as part of your treatment.

The Lincoln Spa
1339 Lincoln Ave.
Calistoga, CA 94515





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