Dinner at The Sherman – June 2, 2016 – Sherman Oaks, CA.

This is a new incarnation of a space that I reviewed sometime last year, Tipple and Brine, but one thing I have to say is that the food is no comparison to the old restaurant, instead it is 100 times better.

The concept is to try to reintroduce Sherman Oaks as a destination type area as well as appeal to the locals. There is also a speak easy up the back stairs, where you just tell them what your in the mood for and they will make it, pretty much no drink menus as far as I could see, but the space is very sexy. The perfect place for a birthday party or any special event. They have one huge flat screen TV for any type of viewing parties as well.

Chef Jason Francisco is from Hawaii, but you would never know if from his name. He is a very humble guy. He says, “We do the best that we can do 1st and learn as we go”. When he says we he means him and his kitchen staff and prefaces that everyone is a chef when they are in the kitchen at The Sherman. He does not want to take credit and feels that it is a collective environment in his kitchen. Chef Jason serves “American-ish” food—that is, American comfort food that borrows from European, Asian, African and Caribbean cuisine. The Sherman touts itself as an upscale eatery using sustainable ingredients and offering fine wines and craft cocktails.

Owners Phil Felton and Theo Mavro met through a mutual friend and opened up The Sherman on March 17, 2016. Phil had been in the service industry for a long time, while Theo was in computer soft ware, both family guys with young kids. They wanted their customers to be all ages, and of course kid friendly. They have a very affordable kids menu that has become very popular. Theo cites two things distinctive to The Sherman: family hours with a kids menu until 8 p.m. (bedtime for his own young children) and a taste of local history. The name honors Moses Hazeltine Sherman, a founder of the Los Angeles streetcar systems that would become part of the Los Angeles Railway. It will be “almost fine dining at regular pricing,” Theo tells me. “I kind of figured The Sherman would be the perfect place for the Sherman Oaks crowd to hang out. I love Sherman Oaks, and all the people who live around here love it too.”

Here’s What I Tried:


The Fresh – Martini- Freshly Muddled Cucumber, lime, lemon, Nolet Gin and a Prosecco float. A nice surprise for me seeing that it has Gin; it was a good calming cocktail.

The Sherman, House Martini, with Ketel One Vodka shaken extra cold, slightly dirty, served with house made Jalapeno Blue cheese olives. I just love the fact that they have my all time favorite Martini that I always order as part of their drink specials. Yay! This Martini was right up there with the best of the best, especially with the blue cheese olives.

La Reina Margarita, freshly muddled lime, pineapple, patron silver, orange liquer, house citrus mix, rimmed with tajin, and a fresh pineapple wedge. Named for the Theater across the street, this was a lovely

The Coldwater, with coconut milk, Belvedere Vodka, and Kahlua. Chef Jason insisted that I try this; it is a very novel idea, a take off of a White Russian, but with Coconut Milk. This cocktail is a must have.


Duck Special with nut brittle, can’t say enough about this dish, the duck is smoky and the brittle is just amazing, what a great combination.

Shrimp Scampi (GF), Jumbo Wild Caught Shrimp, Grilled Asparagus, and Champagne Butter Sauce. They serve four shrimp that have lots of chopped garlic all over it and the taste is out of this world.

Maryland Crab Cakes, Jumbo Lump Crab, House Mayonnaise, Dijon, Eggs, Fine Herbs, Panko, Shallots, Toasted Cashews, Grilled Asparagus, and Curry Aioli. This is a huge cake with very ingenious cashews along side, share this appetizer with a friend and then you can try some other goodies.

Sea Scallops (GF), Squid Ink & Uni Accents, Saffron Cauliflower Purée, 
Roasted Cauliflower, Golden Raisin Gastrique, and Salmon Roe. They serve you three medium sized scallops, great presentation with squid ink as a design on the plate, packed with delicate scallop flavors.

Lobster Ceviche (GF), Lobster Claws, Mango, Blood Orange Juice, Jalapeños, Cilantro, Avocado, Bell Peppers, and Fresh Coconut Water, 
Served Inside a Fresh Coconut. You just get so much lobster with all of the claws in tack; it has a tangy citrus flavor that adds to the overall yumminess of this appetizer.


The Kitchen Sink, Chopped Romaine, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Roasted Corn, Kalamata Olives, Diced Chicken Breast, Baby Mozzarella, Mint, with a Champagne Vinaigrette. For the salad lover you get your protein and all of the other fixings in one large bowl.

Kale and Quinoa, Tuscan Kale, Red Onions, Heirloom Quinoa, Pearl Barley, Roasted Corn, Toasted Pine Nuts, Crumbled Feta, fresh made Green Goddess Dressing. Kale and Quinoa are the two go to health ingredients on mostly everyone’s diets now; this salad is truly a winner.

Roasted Beets Salad, California Red and Golden Beets, Shallots, Goat Cheese, Pistachio Nuts, Wild Arugula, Togarashi Spiced Torched Strawberries, Sherry Vinaigrette, and Fresh Honeycomb. This in itself is a gorgeous piece of art, and the beets are perfection, wow.


The Sherman Burger, Short Ribs, Brisket, Chuck, Sharp Cheddar, Sambal Aioli, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Wild Arugula, Red Onion Marmalade, King’s Hawaiian Buns, and Gremolata Fries. The use three types of meat and the marmalade will blow your hair back. Chef Jason is Hawaiian so thus the Hawaiian bun, it all worked so great together,

Main Dishes:

Bourbon Glazed Salmon (GF), Wild Caught, Pan Roasted, Wild Rice, Grilled Asparagus, and Bourbon Pineapple Glaze. Nice tender salmon cut thin but the bourbon pineapple glaze adds quite the surprise to your palate.

Cowboy Cut Bone in Rib-Eye 20oz (GF), Chocolate & Cabernet Sauce W/Black Truffle Accents, and Roasted Harvest Vegetables. This steak is so tender no knifes are needed and the sauce is otherworldly!

Rack of Lamb, this was one of their specials and it also was spectacular.


Spicy Edamame, a truly magical version of this Japanese staple.

Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes, great potato side dish, worked great with the steak.

Curried Cauliflower, next time I would just order this as part of my entrée and be in heaven.


A Churro type fried cheesecake, so fabulous, a great way to end a very succulent dinner.
(GF = Gluten Free)


Chardonnay, Hidden Crush, CA. I loved this wine with the scallops with all of their creamy goodness.

Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi, Napa, CA. This wine went great with any of the seafood selections; you won’t go wrong trying it out with any of them.

Pinot Noir Mark West, CA. I loved this wine with the duck appetizers and the sweetness of the nut brittle.

Cabernet, Simi, Sonoma, CA. Of course you got to do this one with the cowboy steak, that pretty much is written in stone!

So much of the whole interior is the same as the way Tipple and Brine left it, so that is a huge plus. The garage style electronic lift contraption used to raise the front windows is a wonder in itself. There is even a manhole cover from Mexico, which somehow fits in perfectly with the décor, as well as the exposed ventilation air ducts in the ceiling. The wood used everywhere is 200 years old. There are chicken feeder light fixtures and chandeliers, as well as the movie hanging table lights. It still has a very homey vibe. One of the great changes is that they have these very large black and white photographs of the way the valley, Sherman Oaks used to look; especially pleasing is the one where the 405 freeway now sits. There’s the theater across the street and the trolley that used to run on Van Nuys Blvd. They also made a good decision by adding flat screen TV’s over the bar so customers can watch their favorite sports games while enjoying their dining experience.

They have a great Happy Hour menu as well from 4pm-7pm Mon-Fri, with great discounts on food and drinks.

The one thing I can say about The Sherman with all honestly is that they really put a lot of effort in to their food, and make each dish stand out on its own. Pretty much everything I tasted was delicious, each one completely different, this is truly remarkable cuisine!

The Sherman
14633 Ventura Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91403
Sherman Oaks
(818) 485-2200


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