Dinner – Gyu-Kaku – August & September 2023 – Beverly Hills, CA.

I have been here for happy hour a few years ago. They did a revamp of their menu, but the fun atmosphere has really stayed the same. They play loud pop music, so you really want to get up and dance. Everyone here seems like they know the drill, that you order fresh proteins and vegetables and put them on the grill in the middle of your table and cook it to perfection. Their dipping sauces are also amazing, from hot to sweet and great ponzu, it’s all a big party in your mouth!

I was given a gift card, so I spread out my tastings so I could go a few different times and really enjoy the experience.

Here’s What I Tried:

Beef Sukiyaki Bibimbap Rice, with white onions, green onions, sesame seeds served in a sizzling hot stone bowl pot. This is a great dish to enjoy, and you can add in a bit of the side dishes to enhance it even more.

Seaweed salad, this can be tried by itself or with any of the other menu items,  it’s super yummy flavor, a great menu item.

Garlic Shio Cabbage, little pieces of cooked garlic flakes make this one amazing dish.

Spicy Cabbage Salad, it’s not that spicy, instead it has a great flavor that you can eat with all your other dishes.

Brown Rice, if you add any of their wonderful dipping sauces you will really enhance this rice.

BBQ Calamari Miso, Grill, nice large rings with terrific flavor, with calamari you either cook them for a very small amount of time or you cook them for a long period of time. This is to prevent them from being rubbery. I opted for the quick cooking on the grill, and it worked. They were super tender and delicious.

Cheese Corn Butter, so buttery and delectable, I just loved these little darlins.

Garlic Noodles with chicken. Served in a sizzling hot stone bowl these noodles are hearty and flavorful, one of my favorite menu items.

Then on another trip I ordered the lunch special, which is so affordable and really is very filling. You get muso soup and a delicious fresh salad, then white rice, 2 proteins and for very little money you have many add ons.

Lunch Special:

Beef – Umakara Ribeye, the meat is so tasty, it comes out raw so you can cook it to your liking on the round table grill. I cooked mine medium rare, and it was simply amazing.

Shrimp, this is served raw, so you cook it at your table as well, it was plump and tender.

Soup, you get miso soup, served super-hot, and lovely.

Salad, I just love their salad and love their dressing.

Garlic Mushrooms, they bring it to your table wrapped in tin foil, so you are cooking it on your tabletop barbeque. They give you all sizes of button mushroom, and they have a lovely garlic flavor.

Garlic Spinach, this too is in a tin foil pouch to be cooked on your table grill. It has a lot of pieces of thinly sliced garlic, and it is very delicate.

Edamame, they lightly salt these and put a lot on one plate, they were very good.

Crunchy Garlic Noodles with Shrimp, I just love their noodles, they are very thick smaller fettuccine type noodles.

Spicy Addicting Cucumber, they cut them in quarters and soak them in a spicy super tasty red sauce, that I just loved.

There are 22 locations in California, and then many locations all throughout the US. It is so unique and delicious, that it really doesn’t matter if it’s a chain model.

Spending time with Friends and Family is what Gyu-Kaku is all about. Gyu-Kaku offers the fun of “Shared Plates.”

They want their food dining experience to inspire laughter, conversation, and amazing times! You can’t help it – with a personal grill installed at every table, everyone instantly becomes an expert cook. Our friendly staff aspires to lead guests through the dining experience with helpful suggestions. The sounds around you are of parties and laughter, the perfect choice for first dates, families, and catching up with friends.

Gyu-Kaku, meaning “Horn of the Bull” in Japanese, provides authentic Japanese yakiniku (grilled barbecue) dining experience where customers share premium cooked meats over a flaming smokeless grill, while sipping on Japanese sake, shochu, and frosty cold beers. Gyu-Kaku offers a wide range of meats including the best-seller Harami Skirt Steak in Miso Marinade and Prime Kalbi Short Rib in Tare Sweet Soy Marinade. Some of their Angus Beef is aged for 21 days to increase tenderness and increase a rich flavor. Their best-selling cut is our Harami Miso Skirt Steak. There are over 800 Gyu-Kaku restaurants worldwide, and the first U.S. location opened in West Los Angeles in 2001. Their Award-Winning Restaurant was awarded the Hot Concept Award in 2007 and the demand keeps growing! Their fun and exciting experience allows for everyone to enjoy barbecuing at their table. The best part, their Smokeless Roaster. With their downdraft system, the smoke is sucked into the bottom of the table and away from guests!

The food and the atmosphere is worth the trip. Its filled with flavor, and they have so many ways to order. You will love this food, and want to come back all the time!

(Last Seating/Last Call 9:45PM)
FRI–SAT: 11AM–10:30PM
(Last Seating/Last Call 10:15PM)

Happy Hour
MONDAY: All Day Long
TUE–SUN: 11AM–6:30PM, 8:30PM–Close

(310) 659-5760


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