DPA Golden Globes Gift Suite – January 5, 2017 – Luxury Style Retreat for Golden Globe Nominees and Presenters.

As always this gift suite is very elegant with many fantastic vendors who carry on Natalie’s Dubois vision of what stylish gift suite should be. When I got there Sharon, Stone, and Anthony Anderson, Steven Bauer and Tim Matheson. These are A list celebrities, all at the same time. Natalie with all of her grace handled everything with so much finesse; she really makes this a very classy event.

Here are some of the vendors represented, some in they’re own words:

The Love Light Compassion Foundation (LLCF) was formed in 2014 to provide emergency financial assistance to the patients and their families during a major medical crisis in our local and global communities. 100% of the proceeds from the Foundation’s compassion based jewelry line support this mission. The Foundation was built on the principle that compassion is one of humanity’s greatest gifts. This beautiful spiritual thread connects us all, and to help one another is truly the purest form of Love and Light.

Lupus LA, a non-profit health organization, was founded in 2000 by a concerned group of lupus families spearheaded by Daniel J. Wallace, MD, attending physician in the Division of Rheumatology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and a clinical professor of medicine at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. Lupus LA serves the needs of people with lupus and their families in Los Angeles County and across Southern California. Lupus LA has a full-time staff of five and an annual operating budget of $1.5 million.

The Brand, For 15 years, Turia was in charge of the international development for Robert WAN, the emperor of the pearl, who was involved with names such as MIKIMOTO, Tiffany’s, Harry Winston, Van Cleef, Cartier and more. Very Quickly her recognition and passion for Tahitian pearls were spread among private buyers, pear connoisseurs and famous people, in search of exclusivity, luxury and beauty.

Elena Wang, is a Montreal based woman powered fashion house that provides a sophisticated yet edgy style that will satisfy even the most trend-craving clientele. Our easy-to-wear styles combined with the use of colour and patterns make our clothes second to none. We maintain our reputation for quality and care through great value and strong customer service.

Amy DeGregorio Handbags, Leather bags designed and handstitched from top quality leathers, precious metals, and stones. Truly one of a kind pieces, all art pieces.

LINGER™ Lasting Fragrance Primer, is the ultimate fragrance primer that helps your scent to remember. This remarkable one-of-a-kind lasting scent primer helps extend fragrance wear. A true scent invention. LINGER™ Lasting Fragrance Primer creates an invisible shield that preserves skin’s moisture as it balances its surface for scent that lasts and memories that linger.

Jacqueline Piotaz, These high-tech cosmeceuticals have been developed by a renowned Swiss laboratory on the basis of my decades of personal experience and my sound knowledge of cosmetics. They bring nature and science into perfect harmony and guarantee the highest Swiss quality.

Good Times Soap, Originally from Red Lake, Ontario, Karen Wood has lived in Yellowknife for over ten years. She specializes in quality hand-crafted soaps, lip balms and lotion bars. Her work is available at the Northern Frontier Visitors’ Centre and Old Town Glassworks.

Gem Fan Co Ltd, My company is called GemFan for a reason – I love gemstones! I design and create all my jewelry with gemstones I’ve acquired from around the world. I previously worked for a leading gemstone dealer and jewelry manufacturer and learned my craft from the very best. I love creating beautiful and unique pieces which makes the wearer feel extraordinary. I also work with individuals to design one of a kind pieces, suited to personal style.

Ario O, My vision is encompassed in the studio I work in. It is an open studio that is connected to the gallery. I design the pieces and then me and my other talented craftspeople handcraft those designs on the spot. Anyone that walks in will see us creating the objects that are placed in the gallery. For me it is important to know where the food I am eating comes from and where my clothes were made…it’s the same with my jewelry. Here you can meet the designer and the folks making the art objects. You can chat with us and find out the full story behind your favorite piece and learn about how it was made.

Sunny Blue – handcrafted Omusubi, these are so special, lovely triangles with all different types of fillings, my favorite is the mushrooms.

This is not a public event; you really have to be a presenter, nominee or media to get into this exclusive gift suite. Sorry readers you can’t enjoy this event, but you can live vicariously through Jodi Jackson’s Hollywood.tv…enjoy!

The DPA Gifting Lounge
Rodeo Penthouse Suites
Luxe Hotel
360 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills


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