El Morocco Inn & Day Spa – Stay Feb. 28, 2021 and March 1, 2021 – Desert Hot Springs, CA.

My first stay here was in April of 2019, when life was so different, you could be free and not have to worry about all of the little germs called covid; getting into your lungs. But I have to say with all of that crazy stuff in the past year, coming to El Morocco Inn & Day Spa will make all of your worries and safety concerns just melt away. They have done a stellar job of sanitizing and keeping all of the CDC regulations up to par. That being said, high tail it out to Desert Hot Springs El Morocco Inn & Day Spa and enjoy a much needed trip to Shangri-La or in this case Morocco.

Think 1942 American romantic drama starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid in the controlled city of Casablanca. El Morocco Inn is all about Morocco and CasaBlanca, from its looped screening of the film in the TV lounge room, to its décor all over the property. What you don’t figure out until after you are bathing your troubles away in one of the hot mineral baths is that this décor will enhance your overall experience. The spiritual new-age background music adds to the incredible heightened mood. One thing you will be guaranteed of for sure is that once you enter the compound, all of your stress will be left outside of the wooden gate.

The grounds are very charming as well. There are lots of hammocks and little nooks to meditate. There are fabrics flowing off of every available area, which in the wind adds an extra sexiness. There are canopied sofas, a fire pit surrounded by Moroccan leather poufs on prayer rugs. The guest rooms are painted in Blue, Called Majorelle Blue, and a color named for French artist, Jacques Majorelle. This blue signifies warding off evil spirits, supposedly they are attracted by the color but will linger and not enter. So much attention to detail, all contributes to why you feel so exhilarated staying at The Morocco Inn & Day Spa. The overall ambiance is fun and welcoming, one that makes El Morocco Inn & Day Spa so unique and special.

People come here from all over, my trip there were like-minded people, as well as Shamans and healers. Folks are just drawn to this very therapeutic space. From the restorative healing baths to the alternative holistic medicine discussions, El Morocco Inn & Day Spa will reset your mind, spirit and body.

They usually have a happy hour and self serve continental breakfast, but during covid they cut out the happy hour and gave you a menu planner for your breakfast. In the morning you pick up your very cute blue bag in their refrigerator and all of your breakfast items are individually wrapped and secured for your enjoyment. They still have their coffee presses but now they are individually portioned with coffee, so all you have to do is add water. I sat out by the pool and had my coffee and breakfast, a truly terrific way to start your day.

My room was on the first floor and very close to the mineral baths. The bed is super comfy, and their small but cute kitchen gives you everything you need if you want to stay in and chill. The motif aligns itself with the rest of the Inn with Moroccan details, which for me was very soothing. Many of the ornate features were brought directly from Morocco. I just love all the arches, jewel tones, and creative ways they make being in Morocco right here in Desert Hot Springs.

Robert, who arranged my stay this time and the last time was extremely accommodating, he is just so sweet. Anything your heart desires he will make happen. He is one stand up guy! But El Morocco Inn has had some tough times as most hotels in the great Coachella Valley. With closures, lock downs and everything in between most are super lucky they have weathered the storm of this pandemic and are back on track. El Morocco Innhad to completely close down two times during the pandemic and for months at a time. Now reopened and gorgeous there is no reason not to come here.

Desert Hot Springs is off the beaten path, but something not to be missed. It’s about 25 minutes away from Palm Springs, worth the drive, in a very quiet low-key area. The hills are all part of the San Andreas Fault, and they release minerals so all of the hotels are privileged to have mineral baths that are great for healing any ailments. After 1 day of soaking in the baths my body felt great, all of my aches and pains were literally gone.

A truly amazing romantic getaway, but not just for lovers, it can be a nice time by yourself as this hotel is quiet and rejuvenating. Whatever the occasion, I would make your next trip a very memorable one by trying a nice spot, The El Morocco Inn & Day Spa.

El Morocco Inn & Day Spa
66810 4th Street
Desert Hot Springs, CA. 92240




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