Grand Opening Party – May 21 and Dinner – April 25, 2014 – Madera Kitchen

The party did not do a good job of representing this new venture. The place was packed and there was hardly any food to be had. I was told all food was being tray passed, and it took a very long time to get a drink at the bar. It seemed like everyone was buying food, which was good for management. But as a new customer to be able to try some food items, there was none to be had. The party otherwise was fantastic, all of these very cool folks all gathered in one great location.

Large and spacious Madera Kitchen has covered all of its bases. Located in the ultra hip section of Cahuenga Blvd. with all the other great new finds, Madera Kitchen promises to be one of your must see fun spots in Los Angeles.

I also had the opportunity to go the restaurant for a private proper tasting on April 25, 2014. The staff was so helpful and was filled with a lot of experience. Milton the owner, pretty much let me order whatever I wanted and then asked me to give him a detailed review of my experience.

Madera Kitchen is a farm to table seasonal restaurant in Hollywood, which serves new American cuisine. Always inventive, 25 year old chef Kirk Plummer’s changing menu is inspired by a wealth of American culinary traditions.

Mike Wood is the bartender and picks out the wine for the bar. He is a true New Yorker and has worked at a few well-known big apple steakhouses. It was his decision to have Malbec come out of a barrel. Demetri created the vast cocktail list with its mixology reputation in Hollywood, and did a marvelous job.

Here’s what I liked:

Sheep’s Ricotta Ravioli with English Pea, fava bean, and bacon jus. Very large raviolis with a wonderful sauce, my kind of ravioli dish.

Skirt Steak, roasted sun choke, revise, spring onion picada. The steak is tender and medium rare, which made this dish a standout with strong flavors. I really like this one.

Slow Roasted Pork, brussel sprouts, dates, oregano, cider vinegar. This one is very popular, and I can understand why. It is very complex; the pork is fork tender, truly a great accomplishment.

Flatbread with wild mushroom, hum bolt fog, cavalo nero, and thyme. This dish was sweet but earthy with a great burst of flavors all combined in your mouth.

These are the wines I tried:

Sauvignon Blanc, Provenance, Napa Valley 2012. You can pair this one with the ravioli, it hits all the right notes.

Chardonnay, Chalone Estate, Central Coast, CA 2011. This one worked nicely with the flatbread, you could also do this with the ravioli.

Termes, Numanthia, Toro, ES, 2010. This one warrants the steak as its pair. The wine is very sturdy and lends itself to protecting the steak integrity.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Anciebnt Peaks, Paso Robles, CA. 2011. The deep dark nuances of this Cabernet is remarkable with the Pork, both very complex and both delicious.

Cocktails I tried:

Green Dolphin, Clean and refreshing, Grey Goose, Hendricks, lemon, basil and cucumber. It’s a great cocktail for a good start to what promises to be a great dinner.

Word Up with Don Julio blanco, lime, jalapeno, and Green Chartreuses. Kind of a new take on an old idea. It’s spicy enough to blow your hair back and will make you remember why you drink margaritas in the first place.

Discernment Blue with Chivas Regal, agave. Lime, pineapple, mint and a hint of saffron. You can barely taste the Chivas part of this drink, it’s disguised well, and the rest of the drink will smolder graciously in your mouth.

The interior has a very New York vibe, industrial, yet rustic. The interior is very inviting, open, with old world flair. The walls have some nice ornamental artwork, musical instruments, and sketches. There are 2 very user-friendly patios, with ample seating.

They have some eclectic piped in music, ranging from French, to instrumental, all adding to the mystique of this establishment.

Although Madera Kitchen needs more work, it has the potential for being the next big thing in Hollywood. They need to batten down their hatches and see what develops. I would gladly like to be invited for round two.

Madera Kitchen
1835 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles
(213) 261-3687


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