Huckleberry Place Lunch – Friday, August 7 2015

I was having dinner at my favorite sushi bar in West Hollywood, and a lovely couple sat down the bar a seat away from me. We began to talk and they told me about their restaurant right next door and I of course told them about my blog. Having only been open for a month, they were enthusiastic for me to come in and do a tasting soon. Boy was I glad I met them!!

My tasting was very refreshing and new, everything at Huckleberry Place is good super healthy honest food, and all items are gluten free. For those who have to adhere to this dietary necessity this is a great find in West Hollywood.

The interior is just remarkable because you don’t get the full vibe from the outside. The front doors have a very large HP on the handles, which really sets the tone. Everything is hand made by owner Janik Roskovani right down to the light fixtures. Janik has built and designed commercial and residential properties for over 20 years; all of the restaurant’s tables, chairs and cabinets are meticulously crafted by him. I especially loved the galvanized plumbing pipe light fixtures, as well as the very traditional chandelier. The ceiling has a very industrial look, with exposed air-conditioned ducts, as well as fire sprinklers and piping. The bar area sign says it all “Love, Laugh, Relax”. They have chalkboards for all of their menu items, which are all so clever. Everything here is state of the art design.

Wife and partner Naomi Roskovani has worked in restaurants since the age of 16. Her hands on experience, allows her to bridge the gap between the kitchen and the customer, making certain that every detail is met. Chef Melanie Russell and Naomi Roskovani created the restaurant’s menu where each item is created with the finest ingredients from all over the world as her standards are very high. With the first bite and the last, you can feel the power of her food. This is because Melanie ensures that every plate achieves that exclusive, cuisine-defining balance between healthy and great taste.

Here’s what I tried:

They start you off with reverse osmosis water, which is so delightful.


Sweet Potato Hash with Brussels, apple wood smoked bacon, and sunny side up eggs. The sweetness of the sweet potato’s and the smoky bacon flavor is not to be missed. The egg yokes ooze with glorious creamy texture and a deep almost orange color, it just works so well with the vegetables.

Coconut Pancakes, topped with fresh seasonal fruits and coconut flakes, Meyer lemon curd. Well I am just saying these are truly the best sweet breakfast you’re ever going to eat. I am not a big fan of pancakes or French toast, they really need to be just plain old desserts and that’s it. The lemon curd adds to this overall epic breakfast item, run as fast as you can to try it!!

Open Face Sammies:

Salmon and Apple Toast, served on Ciabatta, with smoked salmon, roasted apple, horseradish cream cheese spread, and dill. A very delicate blend of ingredients that make for a marvelous lunch item.


Chicken With Roasted Garlic, on Ciabatta, with tomato, arugula, aged cheddar. The garlic adds a very subtle element, which works nicely with the chicken, another true winner.


Spinach, Brussels sprouts with apple, goat cheese, raw almonds, dried cranberries, and cider vinaigrette. Just what the doctor ordered, an inventive spinach salad with the very popular super food Brussels sprouts. Plus the almonds, cheese and cranberries make this salad very memorable.

SuperFood Smoothies:

Huckleberries, with Goji berries, maca powder, mixed berries, chia, and almond milk. This smoothie goes down real smooth and is just wonderful.

Fresh Juices:

Happy Huck, with carrot, apple, ginger, and kale. The combination of juices is nice and light, as well as very good for you.

Power “C’ Huck, with orange, lemon, ginger, and mint. This is a power packed blend, a bit on the tangy side, but if you’re in need of a lot of C vitamins order this juice.


Chocolate Mud Pie, so rich and velvety smooth, you would think it was not a healthy choice, but this pie is gluten free and vegan as well.

Lemon Cake, I have a very soft spot for anything lemon, I just love it. This cake did not disappoint, especially the iced glazing. (All of Huckleberry’s desserts are gluten free and vegan!)

The backdrop is all about Huckleberry their beloved dog, which passed away in 2014. This dog was really loved, and you can feel his spirit in everything here. Huck was a rescue from Ace of Hearts in Los Angeles in 2008 and was a very social dog. Everywhere he went he would make friends. When Janik would take him out to cafes Huck would go make the rounds to groups of people and give love to everyone he encountered. Janik always used to say he would open a cafe just for Huck someday and he kept his word by creating Huckleberry’s Place. Huck would be very proud at how canine friendly his restaurant is as they have a mini menu for dogs. And this is freshly prepared food made with love for your dog!!

Huckleberry’s Place is a health-conscious restaurant specializing in gourmet cuisine where you relax and listen to old school soul R&B while enjoying their delectable goodies. They manage to touch the mind, body and soul with their attention to detail, and amazingly great food. It is an over all great vibe due in no small part to all the staff being super friendly.

Huckleberry Place
8730 Santa Monica Blvd
Unit D
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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