July 28 & July 29, 2021 – La Casa Del Camino – Hotel Stay – Laguna Beach

I met general Manager Phelton Calhoun at an Oscar gift suite in Hollywood this past April.  He was so kind to invite me to his property for a stay. Even though I was so grateful for this opportunity he had no rooms with Ocean views, but he promised me another stay in a few months with Ocean views. That being said, I am going to tell you about my overall experience.  The hotel is in a perfect spot in the very picturesque town of Laguna Beach. You pretty much can get anywhere once you’re there. They have a Trolley that is free and runs through all parts of Laguna Beach and to any spots that you would want to see. They have free parking in a lot that is down the street, so my advice is to park your car once you are there and take the trolley to see all of the things Laguna Beach has to offer. You can walk a very short distance down the stairs to the beach that is situated right behind La Casa Del Camino Hotel.  Phelton also gave me 2 gift cards to both of their restaurants, which you will see in separate tasting posts.

There are two different rooms styles, mine was the Spanish style guest rooms, next time I will opt for the more modern surf rooms, with oceanfront views. My stay was very relaxing, with the beach right there and all the shopping you could ever want, picturesque beauty abounds and art is everywhere with many tasty food options, what more could you want.

Some History:

January 26th, 2020 marked the ninety-first (91st) anniversary of the opening of one of Laguna Beach’s most historic and unique buildings, La Casa del Camino hotel. For three generations, Laguna Beach residents and visitors from around the world have enjoyed the spectacular views and unique charm that can be found only at La Casa del Camino.

In terms of pure drama, La Casa del Camino offers more than any other landmark in the city. From graceful arches and rustic wooden balconies that capture the Spanish revival style, to the soaring views of the Laguna village and Riviera coastline, La Casa del Camino brings it together like nowhere else. Take a step back in time and explore the rich, storied past of Laguna Beach’s most iconic hotel.

La Casa del Camino was envisioned by its builder, local artist and City Councilman William W. Riddell as a spectacular destination along a spectacular stretch of sand at the heart of Laguna Beach. In Riddell’s eyes this would a place not only for travelers to rest, but a place for the community to gather, a place for art to be appreciated, a place where business and social clubs would flourish and help create a local landmark to proclaim to the world that Laguna Beach was now a destination, not just a stop along the way.


The hotel has so much history and has been kept up really well. They are pet friendly and will supply you with beach equipment if needed.  Some amenities include: beautiful hand-carved furnishings, flat-screen TV, in-room desk, portable air conditioner, WiFi, mini-fridge, in-room safe, convenient USB hubs, high quality terry, and bath amenities.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway near Los Angeles, then this hotel will provide a much needed respite from city life. As well as giving you a bird’s eye view of the ocean from just about everywhere. It is historic, quaint, and elegant, it checks all of the boxes. So next time you’re wondering where you can take a weekend or midweek vacation close by consider La Casa Del Camino. It does not have to be a special occasion, coming here will provide memories, that will stick with you for a very long time.

La Casa Del Camino

1289 S Coast Hwy,

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Phone(949) 497-6029


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