June 19, 2018 – Lunch – CoCo Queen Rotisserie – West Hollywood, CA.

One of the newest, smartest restaurants to come on board West Hollywood’s already eclectic food scene is Coco Queen Rotisserie. With its fresh innovative take on French Rotisserie Chicken, CoCo Queen Rotisserie promises to be one of Boys Town’s hottest staples.

Meeting with both owners Nathalie Dahan and Angelique Bohbot, I realized the dedication these 2 ladies have to their unique brand. Friends for more than twenty years, Nathalie and Angelique are bringing their French family traditions of family and food – chicken in particular – to this West Hollywood Eatery. “To us, feeding people is more than nurturing the body. It’s nurturing the soul. And, this is something in which we find great joy – making people happy and bringing smiles to their faces.”

For them it is all about women and empowering women, so much so that they have dedicated a new Charity called “The Love Charity by CoCo Queen”, which main purpose is to help women of a certain age who are starting over, because of divorce or other unseen circumstances, and need the camaraderie with other women going through the same thing.

Here’s what I tried:


The Mademoiz Elle Salad: Tuscan kale, baby spinach, pomegranate, grape, pistachios, sunflowers, goji berries, bee pollen, chopped nuts, with golden dressing winegrette. A bright fresh-flavored salad, packed with super healthy ingredients, just loved it.


Gold Tray, an assortment of different kinds of chicken, piece of chicken roast, 2 chicken balls, 2 nuggets, 1 thigh, and French fries. This grand golden tray has everything you would want to try. Each type of chicken is just scrumptious. I really loved their take on chicken balls, super meaty and wonderful. (All of their chicken is Kosher.)


Traditional French garlic mayonnaise. I can’t say enough about this luxurious sauce, filled with garlic, just delightful.


Nathalie’s Gold Tiramisu, super creamy and elegant, a real keeper.


Lupe Cholet Comtess, Chardonnay, Burgundy, France. This is a very light Chardonnay with great an herb terroir flavor, just the perfect wine with any of the chicken dishes.

Everyone has a Coco Queen in their life. You just probably have never thought about it. Or, you may have just taken for granted that it will always be there. Whether it’s your mother’s crepes. Your aunt’s tiramisu. Or, your grandmother’s secret chicken recipe. For these reasons, this business venture is much more than an entrepreneurial endeavor. It is a life passion. “What we’re trying to capture with Coco Queen Rotisserie is a vibe, a feeling and atmosphere of a home cooked meal, that is recreating an environment that feels like home; that feels like you’re sitting at your grandmother’s kitchen table/dining table.”

They want every visitor to feel as if they’ve entered an environment that is reminiscent of their family home. In other words, Coco Queen can be viewed as high-end luxury fast food. Yet, offering fresh ingredients, cooked-to-order, and seasoned with a secret family recipe, all at a reasonable price.

The décor is very fun, with hounds tooth pattern on the outside of the building and the inside floors, it sets the tone for what’s about to happen. As well as the French Chickens that adorn the back wall, clad with berets, and a very lively atmosphere is what this place is all about. Get ready; your taste buds are about to be tantalized. Classy kitsch, with a sprinkle of humor, you too will have to laugh and enjoy their delicious food.

Coco Queen Rotisserie is no-nonsense and just what this great popular neighborhood really needed. The next time you are yearning for a great chicken lunch or dinner, run to CoCo Queen, in the heart of West Hollywood, this place is truly where every kind of queen is welcome.

Coco Queen Rotisserie
8700 Santa Monica Blvd,
West Hollywood, CA 90069

* Note some content was taken off of their website.


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