June 2, 2024 – Manee Valentine at The Catalina Jazz Club – Hollywood, CA.

Remember a time when crooners were king and all you wanted to do is have a martini and get dressed up in your gorgeous glitter and lace outfits. Well seeing Manee Valentine will just make you go back to a time when things were gloriously innocent, but oh so fun. His two special guest songstresses were equally brilliant: Pamela Clay and Wanda Ray Willis. His show is a show not to be missed, check his calendar and next time he is playing run don’t walk to see him in all his glory.

International Jazz Crooner, BMI affiliated and Recording artist, Manee Valentine will celebrate the release of his new album “Lucky 7” – dropped on June 1 (The physical CD will be available at Amazon; digital CD is already available.)

The album “Lucky 7” features 7 original compositions written by Argentine songwriter Ike Montana. Manee Valentine will be performing several songs from “Lucky 7”, and some from his previous CD “Red Soul”, plus he will dazzle his audience by performing many favorite American standards. Keeping with his 7 themes, he has 7 talented female jazz musicians accompanying him: Beth Marlis (guitar) Anne King (trumpet), Amanda Campos (sax), Sherry Luchette (bass), Amanda Mora (trombone) and Ana Barreiro (drums) His very seasoned music director, Karen Hernandez has many accolades, she burst onto the jazz scene in the 60’s, she has many film credits to her name as well, including original songs in “Pretty Woman” and “The Fabulous Baker Boys”. Alongside her is music arranger Carlos Luna, he too has many television credits.

Valentine has the vocal precision and control of many that have come before him, but he has a bit of a Latin twist in there for good measure. Manee Valentine says, “I just love bringing a good story from a great ballad to life, but in my own fresh way! I listen to all the greats and take away what I can use for myself, I take pride in having my own unique style, and I love what I do!”

As the Creative Director of 7Notas Music Designers & Publishing, Manee Valentine has an uncanny and natural ability to create lyrics and melody for his original songs. He specializes in adapting and translating popular songs, including standards and current hits.

Coming from Miami, Manee Valentine was able to get a real feel for what Florida had to offer musically. Miami is the mecca for rich Latin music and is a great place to learn the ropes. But he feels Los Angeles is really the place to be seen and grow as an artist. With Manee Valentine’s velvety smooth voice, and enormous stage presence, he can trigger emotions of better days, and toe tapping happiness of what’s to come. Every generation who are lovers of Jazz and Big Bands, will enjoy his rhythmic renditions and arrangements of the great American songbook. Truly a throwback to a time when crooners were gold, whether interpreting a romantic ballad or singing to the beat of swing, Manee Valentine is a force to be reckoned with.

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Celebrate with Manee Valentine at The Catalina Jazz Club for the launch of his new album “Lucky 7” on June 2, 2024 (pumpitupmagazine.com)

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“Lucky 7” is on – social media platforms: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and most music digital platforms.


Catalina Jazz Club

6725 W. Sunset Blvd.

Hollywood, CA 90028


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