Kimpton La Peer Hotel – Stay – Dec. 23, 2019 – West Hollywood, LA.

What a luxurious place to stay in my neighborhood. From now on this would be my recommendation to anyone and everyone who is coming to Los Angeles. Whether it’s for business or pleasure this location is so ideal to get around our fair city. It showcases super nice rooms, and a fun lobby for events, and a warm swimming pool, just what the doctor ordered. Their restaurant is also a truly lovely experience. They gave me an amount of money to use for all things in the hotel, I opted to use it on 1 lunch, 1 snack, and 1 break fast, all were delicious and beautifully presented. The delectable food from their restaurant Viale Dei Romani is simply fantastic. I had a nice lunch with a smoked tuna open face sandwich and a falafel plate. A wonderful breakfast with a smoked salmon Benedict, and a late snack of a kale Caesar salad and a fish tempura. Everything was wonderful; I would highly recommend their cuisine.

About The Kimpton La Peer Hotel:

High-design, and style seamlessly blend together for an inviting experience at Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood. Enjoy a thoughtful oasis in one of 105 distinctive hotel guestrooms and suites or be a part of the action at one of our lively community spaces. A Modern California Hotel in West Hollywood. A very relaxing West Hollywood hotel pool. The tranquility of leafy olive trees and al fresco dining set the perfect tone around our outdoor hotel pool. Adjacent to the patio bar, their intimate oasis is an ideal place to enjoy an afternoon cocktail. A vertical garden wall offers a notable sense of privacy, while vintage brass light fixtures offer gentle illumination during our typically warm evenings. This peaceful West Hollywood hotel pool is an inviting place to unwind any time of day.

Each of the 105 guestrooms and suites at Kimpton La Peer Hotel reflect the trendsetting tastes of the Design District neighborhood around the hotel and the nearby Hollywood hustle and bustle. Guestrooms feature neutral patterns and original artwork complementing elegant accents and custom furnishings while suites add white oak herringbone floors. Finishing touches include mini bar, yoga mat and complimentary WiFi. Selected rooms also feature a deep-soaking tub and a separate large shower as additional refuges. Complete your stay with our bath butler service, a massage, and personal training session.

They know how difficult it is to create perfection that looks effortless, and that includes your personal wellness. The Kimpton La Peer Hotel has a full suite of facilities and services to ensure you can keep up, or even enhance your routines while you travel. They offer a fully equipped on-site fitness center, featuring plenty of machines to help tone every muscle. They also have Jade yoga mats available not just in the center, but available for delivery and roll-out service in your room or suite, and our team can recommend running trails of any length or difficulty. All that said, sometimes you need more than what you can do on your own, and for that they partnered with renowned fitness organization Gentry Jackson. Marco Reed and his team offer on-site personal training, small classes, and local adventures to keep you committed to you while you travel. You can enjoy a craft cocktail while relaxing in their boutique West Hollywood hotel living room.

Enjoy some of the most intuitive amenities of any Los Angeles luxury hotel whether it’s via a day exploring the city or in the comfort of your own room. Kimpton La Peer Hotel has a variety of original experiences available to inspire your own getaway.

At every Kimpton boutique hotel, they invite you to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member — no matter their size, weight, or breed, all at no extra charge. If your pet fits through the door, they will welcome them in. There’s more to their pet-friendly policy than just a no-fuss check-in and scratch behind the ear, though. They have all the goodies you need to keep your pet pampered. Everyone deserves a little respect. Your pet is welcomed by name. Sometimes, our Directors of Pet Relations might be there to greet you with a tail wag. A selection of hotel amenities and extras including plush pet-bed loaners in your guest room, food, water bowls and mats. There’s a concierge list of nearby pet-friendly restaurants, parks, groomers and pet boutiques. Door hangers alert other hotel guests and staff that your cat, dog, or other beloved pet is in the room. Also, courtesy bags for walking your dog. No additional charge for pets, no deposit required. No size/weight limit. No limit on number of pets allowed. Nightly wine reception — pets are welcome to join the party at select hotels!

I have reviewed many hotels, but La Peer is just a sparkling new respite amongst all of the others. It really feels like a home away from home, no attitudes, everyone was so nice and accommodating. Their staff is hands down just the best I have experienced in a very long time. They must their staff go through a how to be super nice and friendly training, they are just that good! My recommendation, next time you have to stay in an hotel in Los Angeles, whether for you or your family pick The Kimpton La Peer Hotel.

Kimpton La Peer Hotel
627 N. La Peer Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(213) 296-3038
* Note Some Content Was Taken Off of their Website.


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