King and Queens – Late Lunch – March 1, 2021 – Palm Springs, CA.

The Village opened in 1996, offering wonderful food and live bands 7 nights a week, until 2am. Owners Tareef and his sister Roula opened with the idea of pure enjoyment for every customer. But back then, 25 years ago, it was a different time, now with Covid, they like so many other establishments have had to pivot. No Live music inside for quite some time, but they have managed to turn their night club vibe into patio outdoor dining with live entertainment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Late in 2017 they added a new business partner, David Mariner, also the general manager, he ran some of the best night clubs in the desert, so his expertise would lend itself to starting a new path for The Village.

Like many restaurants in Coachella Valley they have had their challenges. With closures in March and then again in December, finally some of the covid restrictions have lifted and they are able to do patio service again. Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce has created Park-lets, which are patios that go out into the street. King and Queen’s has adhered to all CDC restrictions and is very safe for outdoor dining.

Chef George has had a lot of history with this space, he started as a dishwasher here in 1999, but his culinary career took him to many cities to work after that, but somehow he found his way back, and is so happy he did. He is very close with the owner Tareef, and really likes being part of all of their culinary planning. George says their food is Continental, lots of different food items from many different places. He says, “King and Queens, is a fun place with great food, come for the food stay for the ambience”. Chef George is originally from Guatemala, and has most of his family still there. He has a heart of gold and made my dining experience so great!

Their Philosophy: Celebrating world cultures and diversity, we thrive on it and welcome everyone from all walks of life with open arms. Their goal is to have a melting pot everyday.

The Village is all part of a few other restaurants – other restaurants include: Ojos Locos, Pirates Cove, Whiskey Dicks, The Loft and their food truck.

Here’s What I Tried:

Martini’s – Lemon Drop, Regular, Cosmopolitan, and all drinks were served in proper martini glasses, which I love. Each one had its own nuances, and each one was very drinkable and good. I didn’t try any wine, but Kings and Queens prides themselves on having 24 different beers on tap.

Sharable and Classics:

Hummus and Pita, the hummus is very flavorful, with green onion in the mix, and the pita is delicate but delightful.

Sharable Pretzels, with sea salt, IPA Mustard, and cheese sauce. This presentation is over the top, it comes upright in a pretzel contraption, and the sauces are excellent.

Parmesan Brussels sprouts, with smoke bacon, garlic, brown sugar, fresh cilantro, breadcrumbs, and Caesar dressing. These little darlings are so special, and truly could be eaten as a meal. The cheese and the breadcrumbs make it very hearty.

Truffle Mac & Cheese, with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, Parmesan, bacon, crispy breadcrumbs, and truffle oil. Oh my goodness, just spectacular, all I can say.

Pork baby Back Ribs, with Korean Pepper and Kimchi. These are full of Korean flavor and the Kimchi is hot but adds an overall punch to this great menu item.

Entrée Salad:

Gorgonzola chicken, Asian pear Salad, with Gorgonzola cheese, grilled chicken, spring mix, sliced pear, crusted walnuts, and a fat free raspberry vinaigrette. Another stellar menu item, a must have.

From the Grill:

King Burger, with Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, bacon, house sauce, cilantro, lettuce and tomatoes. This is a very large meaty burger, with all of the fixings, cut it in half and share with your dining companion.

Signature Pizzas – 12”:

The Coachella, with Basil Pesto Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, Chicken, Roasted Bell Peppers, Fresh Basil, Balsamic Glaze. The crust alone will make you come back for more, and the marriage of all these wonderful ingredients will blow your hair back.


Fettuccine Al George, with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, crushed red peppers, Parmesan Cream, Basil, and Truffle Oil. Chef George said I had to try this, he was right. Just a really perfect pasta dish.

10 oz. Rib eye Steak, with Brandy Peppercorn sauce, roasted potatoes, and mixed vegetables. The steak is super tender and the sauce is sweet and peppery. The vegetables and potatoes are the best accompaniment.


Coleslaw, this is a no nonsense coleslaw, and it hit the spot.

French fries, big thick fries with a hint of secret seasoning, just the bomb.


Deep Fried Twinkie, I have heard about this dessert but never tried it, it is amazing, and the raspberry sauce is terrific as well.

Double Fudge Brownie. This dessert is meant to be shared. It is huge and super tasty, enjoy!

So for me The Village has always been my go to spot for dancing and live music when I am in Palm Springs. Now that Covid has stopped all of that, The Village has managed to recreate itself, and has done a great job. The food at King’s and Queen’s is fantastic, and the outdoor dining is super fun. There are lots of people watching and sunshine, what more could you want?

The Village

King and Queen’s

266 S. Palm Canyon

Palm Springs, CA 92262



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