LA Weekly Brunch at The Races – Sunday Oct. 18, 2015

Santa Anita Racetrack has so much history; it is a glamorous place in itself. To add brunch to the racetrack is a novel idea, but one that should never be missed. Almost like going to the Kentucky Derby, but Southern California style. Ladies bringing their finery out of their closets and the array of colorful hats was astounding. Then leave it to the gents to add their wonderful special Angeleno style; with their pastel linen suits and festive bow ties. The fashion was all the rage as well as the food. Did I say food, some of the most luxurious brunch items were for the taking, as well as nice brunch type libations. All in all a lovely day at the races, where losing or winning money is all in a day’s work!

They chose the middle grass area to have the event, you had to get there by walking through a very long tunnel, but the location made you feel like you were behind the scenes. Growing up with my Grandfather in Santa Anita and Hollywood Park, I have many fond memories of both racetracks always in a special box in the turf club, never in the middle grassy area. I always wondered what was out there in that land of mystery, the middle ground beyond where the ponies run their race, now I know. There are places to bet, grand stands, and food booths that are all part of the racetrack. Our section was past all of that, but very nice none the less. They set up the tents around the perimeter and believe me you got your exercise. They did not have many covered areas and it was hot and humid, so maybe next year they can work on that. There was a lovely array of breakfast items with unique ways to blend breakfast and lunch.

Here are the restaurants that were there:

10e Restaurant, Abigaile Restaurant, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, Beachwood Café, BierBeisl Imbiss, The Blue Owl Santa Barbara, Cassell’s Hamburgers, Chago Ahogadas, Gohan by Johnny Lee, Cindy’s Eagle Rock Restaurant, Du-par’s, Flores + Sons, Fred 62, Go Get Em Tiger, Goldie’s, Jones Coffee Roasters, Little Doms, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, Myke’s Café, Nickel Diner, Olive & Thyme, Poppy + Rose, Poppy Cake Baking Co., Semi Sweet Bakery, Sonny’s Hideaway, Status Kuo, Sticky Rice, Superba Food + Bread, Sweet Butter Kitchen.


Stella Artois, Beam Suntory, Dark Horse Wines, Deep Eddy Vodka, Diabolo, Dry Sparking, First Air Shot Therapy, 20 Geffen Playhouse, Hard Frescos, Hornitos, Hustler Hollywood, Infuse Vodka, Jenis Ice Creams, Keurig. Knob Creek, Socal Etsy Guild, Tarte Yogurt, Magbooth, Middlebar, Los Angeles Bicycle Attorney.

I have to say that my favorite, very creative food item was from a place in Santa Barbara, called The Blue Owl. They took a biscuit with eggs and floated it in their very own wonderful clam chowder. When you first got to the event they gave you a mug to take home with their logo on it, so of course I asked for more chowder in my mug, it was that good! Gohan by Johnny Lee made a great chicken and rice ensemble that rocked my taste buds. Fred 62 did a very yummy slider type sandwich with sausage and egg that was just out of this world, Cassell’s did a remarkable hash browns that had a great sauce on top, and Myke’s Cafe did their very famous Red Velvet pancaked with their cream cheese frosting. There were other fantastic brunch items, just too many to write about. This was a great concept and it was also very well executed.

There was also some nice brunch beverages, of course the Bloody Mary is always going to be my go to drink at Sunday Brunch. I really enjoyed the day and was very appreciative of my job and how I am able to experience such glorious food events in lovely Socal!!!

LA Weekly’s
Brunch at the Races
Sunday, October 18, 2015
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Santa Anita Park
285 W Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA 91007


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