Lavender Hill Spa Treatment – Feb. 5, 2014

Located right next door to The Wine Way Inn, literally you can walk out the front door and be at the spa in sixty seconds. It is very convenient, as well as a nice way to spend a few stolen hours. The interior and exterior is beautiful, with lots of great spiritual artifacts. I did a volcanic ash bath coupled with a cool down session and a light foot rub.

First they put you in a porcelain claw foot bathtub, filled with very hot water, and volcanic ash. This part of the treatment is about a half hour to forty minutes. They also but some mud looking facial mask, as well as nice moisturizer. My attendant brought my cucumber water and cold compresses. After you are done with the bath you go to another room where you rest for a while and then are given a nice light foot massage. By the time you know it the treatment is over and you are feeling fully rejuvenated and happy.

I would highly recommend this as part of your over night stay at The Wine Way Inn, it will really relax you and put you into another dimension.

Lavender Hill Spa

1015 Foothill Blvd.

Calistoga, CA. 94515





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