Lunch at Dog Haus – Dec. 3, 2013

Tucked away on a back street, a small distance from the craziness of Old Town Pasadena lies an oasis filled with good ole fashion Americana, but with a gourmet twist. Here you will find all of your favorite fast food dog and burger stand items. The difference is, all of their fare is a mix of fun and eclectic delights that you remember from your childhood and with very unique combinations. What can I say about the best designer hot dogs on the planet other than… try it! It is so worth the drive to Old Town Pasadena to satisfy your dog and burger craving. Their menu items are so astounding, they are all huge, so come hungry and you will leave super happy.

Here’s were my favorites:

Haus Dogs:
The Cowboy with American cheese, smoked bacon, onion rings, BBQ sauce, crispy onions. The combination of BBQ sauce, bacon and onion rings really make this hot dog something special. All of their dogs, sausages, and burgers are served on sweet Hawaiian bread, which makes all the difference in the world.

Haus Burgers:
Freiburger, white American cheese, fries, haus, meaty and sweet, this burger was a huge hit!

Cheeseburger with American cheese, lettuce, onion tomatoes, and 1000 island dressing. The best cheeseburger ever. It oozes with juicy meat goodness and the 1000 dressing is one of my very guilty pleasures.

Haus Sausages:
Frickin Chicken, chicken sausage, hausmade marinara, melted mozzarella, and crispy basil. It’s very Italian, and very good.

Uber Corn Dog, uber kase sausage dipped in root beer batter, deep-fried with honey mustard. I really haven’t had a corn dog since I was a kid, so all of my good childhood memories came flooding back, and made for one delicious corndog experience.


Tater tots, great little bit-size crispy potatoes, just like you remember but definitely not of the frozen kind.

Haus slaw, simple and direct but added a nice refreshing break from all of the big dog, sausage, and burger flavors.

Fresh cuts fries with Kennebec potatoes, these fries brought me back to a trip to London where I had the best fish and chips ever. There was some seasoning on those chips, like a mystery seasoning. I could never figure out what it was, I think these French fries had the same seasoning!.

The interior is very sleek, black walls, rolling bench type tables, with lots of red accents. Great rock and roll music enhances your dining experience.

The manager Tony was very accommodating, he instructed me on the best of the best menu items. Tony came from the corporate side of the restaurant world, working at TGI Fridays, he is brilliant at marketing, and Dog Haus has had some great eating contests to stimulate business. In 2013 he did a very fun July 4th hot dog eating contest, in January of 2014 they will have a slider contest, and when I had my tasting Tony did a promotion called “ Tater Tots for Toys.” You can tell that he is very passionate about his job, and the success of Dog Haus. The 3 partner owners of Dog Haus should be very proud!

Right now they only have 3 locations all in the Pasadena area, they are selling franchises, and I am sure it will go national very soon. What more can I say about this place, it boasts major accolades. So when you are craving a really great hot dog and hamburger, treat yourself and go to Dog Haus.

Dog Haus Biergarten
93 E Green St, Pasadena
(626) 683-0808


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