Lunch at Hache LA – Aug 24, 2015

There are so many up and coming burger joints that it is hard to figure out who has the best burgers. I have to be honest, Hache LA beats every one and for very little money. Okay, here’s the deal, most of these upstarts’ burger type restaurants are expensive, Hache LA will give you a very fresh, mouth watering burger at a great price, which puts them way ahead of all the competition.

They are really keeping it simple which means; no distractions no ridiculous toppings and no trendy gimmicks, just really high quality burgers at affordable prices…straight forward enough for you? Oh, and all this with great service built in!

When I say these delicious burgers are inexpensive all you have to do is look around. With this new burger boom, other establishments are selling hamburgers for $12.00 and up. Hache is only around $5.95. Also, you can get a package deal of lemonade fries and a burger for only $9.70! (Wow, I actually had to go back and check the menu to see if these prices were right:-) You get a lot of bang for your buck here. Their motto is; for everyone to enjoy themselves, and the experience, at what the owners call their “New Age” Burger stand.

How did this all start for me? Well, I met Jimmy Su at the LA Weekly Burgers and Beer event at the L.A. Coliseum. One bite and I was hooked! So I asked Jimmy if I could come in and do a proper tasting. To my delight he said yes and during my meal came more good news. They are planning on opening 6 more places!

Hache is located in a fun Silver Lake neighborhood, which provides lots of foot traffic from, artist types, entertainment folks and Dodger fans. They are also branching out and have recently done chamber mixers as well as providing the food for Rooftop Film Club in Hollywood.

The day after my tasting I went to a grand opening party for the Rooftop Film Club and was able to do a mini interview with Mick. He is a very personable guy, and you can tell that he just oozes passion for this very creative burger brand.

The place has a very rustic vibe, complete with lots of exposed wood; there are 60 seats, all situated in an out door patio with plenty of shade which makes for a very comfortable, casual dining experience.

Here’s what I tried:

Triple Cooked fries with russet potatoes, and garlic mayonnaise. The potatoes are cooked 3 different times in a fryer, and the garlic mayo is exactly how it sounds. The outside is crispy and firm, but moist and delicate on the inside, wow!


The Karma Burger: with karma sauce, American cheese, and an egg on top. The sauce looks like thousand island but is not sweet, and the egg on top is luscious gold.

The Habanero: with 4 chiles, queso fresco, garlic mayo. This burger is spicy but the combination of flavors will leave you with a craving long after you eat it. And I know, Habanero is usually killer hot but this is totally palatable; it’s subtle without loosing any of its bite. For all of my spicy food fans, this burger is a must!

The Swiss Onion: with Gruyere cheese, cooked onion, mayo and mustard. I love any kind of melted cheese sandwich and this one hits the spot.

The Mediterranean: with homemade veggie patty, feta cheese, spicy hummus and roasted peppers. For the vegetarian this is a great option.

The Roaring Forties: with blue cheese, portobello mushroom, horseradish and caramelized onions. I have to say this burger was my favorite; I just loved the way the mushroom infused its earthy flavors into this creation.

They use quality Angus sirloin beef and is hand ground on site. One thing you immediately notice is the lack of the typical burger smell like you’re used to. Instead, good Angus beef being cooked has an aroma that makes your mouth water. In addition, they make their own honey mustard and garlic mayo, which are both equally fantastic.



Banana Fosters

Cookie Butter

Both of these were delicious, just save room, it’s totally worth it!


Purple Palmer, with hibiscus, cranberry and lime. This was my favorite, really nice tangy goodness.

Mojito Ice Tea, with lime, mint, green tea, and sugar. A great drink for anyone who likes ice tea.

The Famous, with strawberry ice tea. This is a very good choice for a hot day.

Beers and Wine:

Allagash White, this one was my favorite, nice and light and goes down perfect with the burger.

Boont AmberAle, honey tones, but for me too dark.

Downtown Brown, this beer is good for someone who likes really rich smooth dark beer.

Pinot Noir, this wine is a great accompaniment to the meaty goodness, and mushroom flavors in the Roaring 40’s burger.

Sangria, I liked this with the Swiss onion burger, it adds all of the right notes.

Champagne, loved it with the custard desserts.

At Hache LA they use sustainable metal trays and all of their paper products are compostable. Their burger accompaniments are always done with the freshest produce, and they also have a gluten free option.

Being active members of the community, charity is something they participate in having done an event for the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic for Diabetes. Also, their patio is available for private events and is perfect for any occasion; most recently they had a baby shower take place there. Their future plans include adding a roof to the back area so they’re able to continue serving during LA’s non-existent rainy season.

Hache means to mince, and they have a meat grinder right there in plain sight as a testament to how fresh their burgers are. Noticeably absent on the premises are a Microwave and freezer as there is no saving or heating, everything is made fresh to order. They are set up for Pick up, but not delivery yet. As of this writing, they have had 17,000 views on Yelp, so people are getting the message about how good their burgers are…so get down there as soon as possible!!!

Hache LA
3319 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 928-2963



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