Lunch at The Daily Dose – Monday – March 16, 2015

I am always so amazed at the entire new crop of artsy districts that house many great eating establishments. This area has so much new stuff going on, it’s crazy! The Daily Dose makes a rich contribution with just the perfect combination of sustainable nutritious food. The thing that sets it apart from other eating establishments is, the truly great creative way they go about their menu items.

Here’s what I tried:


Monkey Bread/ Cinnamon Roll, it has a nice glaze with well-rounded cinnamon sweetness, a real winner.

Daily Frittata: Italian crust less baked egg dish, enriched with assorted vegetables, collard greens and Brussels sprouts. The Frittata is very light with a nice spicy sauce drizzled on top, and the collard greens and Brussels sprouts makes for one very healthy dish.

The Mona Lisa: 3 egg omelets, fresh spinach, mixed mushrooms, Brie cheese, side of arugula salad, toast, butter, jam. Good omelets with nice fresh ingredients.


The Guildsmith: The inside out grilled cheese, crispy, fried queso blanco cheese, guacamole, serranos, red onions, feta cheese, dry mint, aleppo pepper, heirloom tomato, few sprigs of arugula and topped with sauce verte on a baguette. For a cheese lover this sandwich will do the trick. The cheese is oozing out the side and the added Latin themed ingredients make this one every tasty sandwich.

The Jive Turkey: roasted turkey galantine from fra’ mani, hot mustard, pepato cheese, arugula, heirloom tomatoes, red onions and ancho chill jam on a ciabatta. The turkey is very juicy and tender, and the jam makes it like a thanks giving dinner type sandwich, all and all I really loved this one.

The Kal-e-Fornaction, massaged large leaf kale, seasonal fruit, citrus vinaigrette, side of croutons. A very healthy salad, with just the basics, but makes you feel really good.


Buena Vista: 12oz 2 tsp caramelized sugar, 2 shots espresso, 10oz milk, a little on the sweet side, but a nice coffee drink.

Dirty Chai: 16 oz. chai concentrate 2 oz., 2 shot of espresso, 12 oz. milk, a fantastic rendition of Chai tea.

Fresh Juices:

White Juice: fresh coconut, banana, raw honey, coconut water, sprouted almonds dates, almond water. You could just have this as your morning breakfast and be very satisfied.

Lemonade: fresh squeezed, not sweetened I liked this because it is packed with vitamin C, and no sugar added.

Most of the seating is outdoors in a little alley in between buildings, but not an alley with cars. There is also a seating area indoors, but I just poked my head in to see a communal area. Its kind of garden, kind of industrial. You get the feeling that there are a lot of artists, and young business types. Most of the guests had their laptop and tablets and were busy doing work on their computers. By the front door are some very interesting, fun chandeliers. In the garden area their are some interested vessels for plant life. There are communal benches with very funky vintage folder chairs

Owner Sarkis Vartarian is in what he calls “The Honest Food movement”, every thing sustainable and from local organic purveyors. He feels his menu and food is part of the national fighting obesity campaign.

This area is so hot now, when your downtown in this area and want to stop in somewhere and get a glimpse of the culture then this is the place.

The Daily Dose
1820 Industrial St,
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 281-9300


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