Lunch – December 27, 2023 – Kafe Royale – Calimesa, CA.

Nestled in the back corner of a very busy Mini Mall is a great place that you would only know about through word of mouth or if you’re a local. Kafe Royale delivers goodness that you really can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s What I Tried:


Southern Benedict, Country biscuit topped with patty sausage, poached eggs & country gravy. Served with a choice of potatoes. Kafe Royale biscuits and gravy are a showstopper, what more can I say?


Sensational Omelet, with mushrooms, cheddar cheese, bacon, sausage, onions, ham & bell peppers, country potatoes with bell peppers & onions, and toast. A very big omelet, enough for two people easily. The sausage in the omelet is what made it for me, but the smooth cheesy goodness also shined.


Hot Specialty Sandwiches:

Hot Turkey Sandwich, with turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and served open faced. If you missed out on any part of Thanksgiving then this sandwich is for you, especially the gravy part for me.

⅓ lb. Charbroiled Burgers:

Royale Cheeseburger, served with bacon, avocado, sauteed mushrooms and American cheese. A large burger with tasty ingredients, what more could you want.


Fish Taco Wrap, with a flour tortilla with fried cod filet, cabbage, pico de gallo and spicy ranch sauce. These are large wraps, as well as very yummy, so share it with a friend.


Kafe Cobb, with grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado, hard boiled eggs, diced tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles with ranch dressing, and coleslaw. I am a big fan of a true cobb salad and this salad covered all of my bases.

Soup & Chili:

Split Pea Soup, this would be my go-to soup, love the rich creamy texture.

Beef Vegetable Soup, chalk full of all kinds of vegetables and big chucks of heart neat, a nice well-rounded soup.

Homemade Chili Cup, served with diced onions and shredded cheese, a great hearty chili.

Onion Rings, I consider myself an onion ring officiant, and these did not disappoint. Nice hard batter with super tender delicious onions on the inside.

Baby Back Rib Meals:

1/4 Rack, with sweet potato fries, fall of the bone tender, with a great home made sauce.


Cinnamon Swirl Buns, served warm, just the perfect way to end my wonderful breakfast.

Usually, I would pair food with wine, but it was too early in the day, and I opted not to, but they do serve beer and wine. They make all of their sauces and salsa from scratch daily. Meli comes in at 5am every day and is the backbone to these wonderful homemade treats.

They have a very large outdoor patio and 3 dining rooms. They play top 40 and eighties music. You can see families, girls lunch klatch, and regulars in their dining room. The room that I was in had large padded comfy club chairs.

The premiere family breakfast and lunch restaurant for over twenty-five years served top quality, slow smoked meats, and sides. They appreciate their customers, and make sure everyone leaves full and happy. They take the quality of their food seriously, located in the heart of Calimesa, you can pop off the freeway coming or going and enjoy a really delicious meal. They also cater, or you can rent a room for a business meeting or come with friends just to catch up over a good lunch.

Owner Juan has been recognized by the senate for his contributions to the community. Everyone who works here loves their jobs and you can feel it in the atmosphere. Juan hires people he can trust with his business, and it all seemed to work out quite nicely. Manager Teresa made my experience extra special. She has been at Kafe Royal for 3 years. She came from Sun lakes where she worked in their restaurant for 19 years, and then as a young gal she worked at Carrows. Teresa and owner Juan had that in common, he worked at CoCo’s, pretty much the reason why he hired her, and the rest is history. She is a people person and describes her employment at Kafe Royale as her happy place. Teresa says that all the food is made to order, everything is fresh, and everyone works as a team to provide the customers with the best experience possible. Teresa sees this area as what it used to be, a small town, and with the new development a lot has changed. She loves her job and enjoys working with her fellow staff as well as the amazing customers that Kafe Royale has after many years of operating.

They have seasonal specials, which I did not try, but they do a pumpkin pancake special starting at the end of September that sounded very delicious.

I would say when you’re on the 10 Freeway going East or West it’s a nice way to take a break and have some breakfast, or lunch, and be able to enjoy this delicious and very affordable food. It’s got a hometown feel, and the moment you walk in the door you will feel like family, I know I did!

Kafe Royale

1007 Calimesa Blvd. K

Calimesa, CA 92320

(909) 795-7065


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