Lunch – Extra Market Inc. – January 31, 2023 – Fairfax District – Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles has so many vegan restaurants now, it’s very difficult to figure out what to try. The Fairfax District has a lot to offer and now you really don’t have to go far to find this wonderful gem, Extra Market, Inc. I have tried many vegan burgers and other vegan food, but I am here to tell you that Extra Market, Inc., has them all beat. Their lovely sandwiches and burgers are just so simple, you can really taste all their fantastic ingredients. Many of these fad type establishments are putting way too much salt in their food. Extra Market Inc. lets you taste their high-quality ingredients.

Extra Market, Inc., is a cafe, a market, and a gallery, founded by Brooklyn-bred skateboarder, designer, and artist Jamie Story. Story used to be a skateboard pro, after he broke his foot, his life took on a new direction and he started designing various products related to skateboards and clothing on his computer, but he always worked in food service and loves to eat. He was a vegan/vegetarian for 14 years and always complained about not being able to find a good plant-based burger. But now he must live up to some mighty taste buds, because his son Benjamin must taste test everything that comes out of his Extra kitchen. He said he came up with many burgers and would not let the public taste it until Benjamin approved, and neither Benjamin, nor Jamie are vegans. He says he is a flexitarian, meaning flexible, not strict with food choices.

The vibe is very hipster, with upbeat reggae music, and simple yet functional interior design. They have exposed beams, with a white brick wall, it’s part marketplace, part art gallery, and part clothing store, with great vegan food, what more could you want!

Here’s What I tried:

Breakfast Sandwich, with egg, cheese, and bacon. The NYC Bodega Classic, on a kaiser roll. You really would not know this is a vegan breakfast sandwich. The bacon is crunchy, the egg is super fluffy, just can’t say enough about how delicious this sandwich is!

Chopped Cheese Sandwich, Chopped Impossible Beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and ketchup, on an Uncle Paulie’s Baguette. It’s a deli style sandwich, but one that is healthy. Honestly, after eating the food here, I did not feel bloated or bogged down. You just feel light and bouncy, totally worth every penny.

Chicken Nuggets, very delicate flavor with outstanding crunch, and the dips were all incredible as well, including buffalo hot sauce, BBQ, ranch, and all plant based.

Burger, house-formed Impossible Burger, American Cheese, Grillos Pickles, Extra Sauce, and a Sesame Bun. Just what you would want your burger to be, delicious and savory, without all the added salt.

Extra Market, Inc.’s arrival comes after it was originally slated to open in March, but the pandemic and global demonstrations pushed back that debut date. Story remembers seeing many protestors coming down his back alley on May 30, 2020, when most of this neighborhood got vandalized and looted.  But through Jamie’s unwavering persistence and passion, he opened in October of 2020.  Extra Market Inc. is housed in a 2,000-square foot shop, and is located just steps from his past collaborator (now VF Corporation-owned) brand Supreme, for whom he skated professionally in the ’90s before teaming with them as a designer. Story has also worked with SSUR, Black Scale, Stussy, and others. The space also stocks clothing and accessories from Story’s label, $, and there’s a gallery in the back that features art, video installations, and photography. This district is all about street wear, so it’s just the perfect location for everything Extra Market, Inc. has to offer. Next time you’re in the mood for a fantastic vegan burger, head over to Extra Market Inc. This new experience is at exactly the right time!

Made with Love, Peace & Happiness.™


Extra Market, Inc.

457 North Fairfax Ave.

L.A., 90036

Open daily from 12 to 4 p.m.; (323) 917-5125.


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