Lunch – Pisco 305 Peruvian Cuisine & Steakhouse – November 8, 2021 – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Lunch – Pisco 305 Peruvian Cuisine & Steakhouse – November 8, 2021 – Murfreesboro, Tennessee Murfreesboro is a suburb of Nashville, its kind of the working mans part of this grand land. You can see from driving around that they are lot of various types of smaller restaurants from all over the world. Pisco 305 is a must stop for any locals or out of Towner’s. Or ever someone like me all the way from California. Their food is just that good.

Here’s what I tried:


Pisco Sour, their presentation is as good as it gets and the flavor is truly sweet and sour yet very drinkable. There were other cocktails presented to me, but this is the one to celebrate and order. I was also given some lovely wines to sample; they have a good wine list.


Pisco 305 Ceviche, A platter of fish ceviche with 3 sauces, tradicional, creamy rocoto, and Aji Amarillo.  Done 3 different ways, with 3 different sauces, just spectacular

Papa A La Huancaina Boiled potato covered in delicious cream milk, cheese, and Peruvian yellow pepper Huancaina sauce. This is a very popular Peruvian dish and it does not disappoint.

Grilled Octopus Tender pieces of grilled octopus, marinated with Anitcuchera smoky sauce, fries, Criolla sauce, and 305 Aji Amarillo Chimichurri sauce. I just loved this very popular dish, the octopus is so tender and the seasonings are out of this world.


Filet Mignon Anticucho Selected pieces of Filet Mignon laying in a spicy Panca marinated sauce skewered with wild sugar cane, grilled to a high temperature. It is served like a tower, with 3 skewers piled high with delicious flavorful meat, a true staple and a dish you must order!

Peruvian Seafood Rice, Peruvian style yellow rice with fresh seafood and aromatic lobster, Oji Amarillo, and a touch of Parmesan cheese. The flavor is very comforting, the seafood is fresh and tender, another dish my readers need to order.

Steak Saltado, soft pieces of steak with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro, secret oyster sauce, sautéed in a smoky hot Cantonese wok, served over fries and white rice. The influence of this yummy main dish is Asian, but with Peruvian spices, go figure. Creative, delicious, for the steak lover I would try this.

For Dessert  – I was served 2 gorgeous powdered sugar cookies with a rich caramel filling, so fantastic.

Owners Nestor Arce and Martin Perez have struck gold. There is no way that this fine Peruvian restaurant will not become the go to spot in this area. They have been opened for 6 months but both partners come from restaurant and hotel backgrounds mostly in the Miami area. It is a great business marriage of two like-minded restaurateurs, and the food is guaranteed to take you to another place of pure goodness.

The interior is super fun and colorful, the perfect backdrop for what is about to come, an explosion of wonderful flavors in your mouth.

What a treat, bathed in all things Peruvian, Pisco 305 is a must have. When in Tennessee it is totally worth a trip, I highly recommend.

Pisco 305

452 N. Thompson Ln – Suite C

Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37129

615 962 7500


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