Manohar Delhi Palace – June 14, 2024 – La Puente, CA.

If you find this place on your own or you were brought here by a friend, however, you get here, it’s pretty much the best Indian cuisine you’re ever going to eat. This place is a true gem. Located in a strip mall off Azusa Ave, in the very sleepy City of La Puente, with an unsuspecting exterior. You really wouldn’t know about this amazing place unless you scoped it out on your own.

Manohar’s Delhi Palace is the most ambitious Indian restaurant in La Puente. They really take pride in serving the best. It is Punjabi-style dishes, retaining the original traditions of Northern India.  The methods of cooking that follow Mughal traditions and dishes prepared at Manohar’s Delhi Palace are generally made mild so that you can experience the natural taste of the fresh masalas used in each preparation. In business since, 1990, they use fresh vegetables and ingredients in all their preparation. Sauces are uniquely blended with the finest and freshest root herbs and spices. Food is prepared in cholesterol-free corn oil, they do not use M.S.G.

Here’s What I tried:


Sweet Lassi, a refreshing blend of mango sweet yogurt and water. It is very filling but simply amazing.


Garlic Nan, the most perfect flatbread with herbs and garlic, what a treat.

Samosa, crisp turnovers stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas. This is a staple in any Indian restaurant, but somehow, they managed to make it unique with nice seasoning and herbs. 

Tandoori Paneer, soft, juicy chunks of paneer marinated in Tandoori masala with vegetables. A big bold flavor coupled with all of the onions and peppers, a great start. 


Butter Chicken – Murg Makhani, rich and creamy sauce with butter and tomatoes, blended with selected authentic spices. They call this butter chicken because the chicken melts in your mouth, with such aromatic sauce and spices.

Shrimp Masala, shrimp cooked with ginger in a special curry sauce. As a shrimp lover, this one took my breath away, just delectable.

Lamb Vindaloo, tender lamb with a spicy red curry, cooked with potatoes. The meat is super tender and it’s a very different curry from the others ordered, so it was a really good choice.

Shrimp Biryani, an aromatic basmati rice with tender shrimp cooked with nuts, herbs, and spices. I love rice and I love shrimp, so the combination rocked my world. 


Malai Kofta, mixed vegetable balls, deep-fried, served in tomato, onion, and cream sauce. Fragrant and aromatic, this was a nice accompaniment to the rest of my meal.


Kulfi, Indian-style ice cream. The perfect pallet cleaner, nice soft sweet ice cream with a hint of coconut.

Taj Mahal Beer, super cleansing and refreshing. I love a nice light beer with Indian food. 

They do a huge catering business. The night I came in, manager Ricky told me that the owner Mike was doing a catering job in Stockton California. For them, driving far away is a pleasure, the fact that there are numerous Indian restaurants all over California, but people choose them, no matter what the distance is. There is a nice Indian community here in La Puente. I met many locals while I was dining, all talking about how wonderful this restaurant is and is a staple in their community.

The interior is very clean and upscale, with beige tablecloths, with lots of tables for group dining as well as family-style eating. The staff makes you feel very welcome like you are in someone’s home.

This was a very lucky find for me, I just happened on it because it was so close to my stay at The Pacific Palms, it is literally down the street. But in my world, there are no mistakes, always new finds and lessons to be learned, everything comes from a very positive outlook! It’s always so nice when I get treated the way they treated me at Manohar’s Delhi Palace. Ricky was so generous, he invited me to come in again while I was down the street, but sadly I was unable to. If you’re ever hankering for wonderful Indian food and you’re anywhere nearby, try it, or far away, you too will be very happily surprised. 

Manohar’s Delhi Palace

581 S. Azusa Way

La Puente, CA 91744



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