Massage at Inn at Schoolhouse Creek and Spa, May 1, 2019, Mendocino, CA.

My massage was discounted so I would write about it for my overall story, and I was very thankful for that. Gabi Fienburgh is the Spa at Schoolhouse Creek Manager, and did my massage. Gabi did great work on me, it was very relaxing. After my massage, I was able to use the hot tub and sauna which looks out over the ocean. What an amazing time; I highly recommend this whole experience!

The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek on the beautiful Mendocino Coast provides a unique Northern California experience. Spread out over 9 acres of lush gardens, meadows and forest land, the inn offers the perfect setting to enjoy the Mendocino coast. The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek is the oldest and first historic resort on the Mendocino stretch of the Northern Coast. It’s opening coincided with the completion of the ‘Shoreline Highway’ in 1932, now Highway One.

The Spa at Schoolhouse Creek, Mendocino’s Premier Spa Experience

The Spa at Schoolhouse Creek is located in a beautiful Yurt adjacent to their ocean view hot tub. All massage and spa services include complimentary use of their hot tub and dry sauna — enjoy a relaxing soak or sauna before your treatment to warm and relax aching muscles!

Yurts have been used throughout the centuries and, based on the principles of sacred geometry; provide excellent energy and acoustics for bodywork. They pride themselves on bringing you only the highest quality, caring and professional massage therapists, who will skillfully attend to your relaxation. In all of their spa treatments, they use only the finest natural oils, herbal extracts, and natural ingredients. their products are custom blended and freshly mixed to ensure the highest potency and to eliminate the use of preservatives and stabilizers found in most commercial products.

Just an incredible experience, so peaceful, just the perfect day!

The Spa at Schoolhouse Creek
7051 North Highway 1
Mendocino, CA 95456


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