Mezzo Bistro and Wine – Dinner – November 10, 2019 – Las Vegas, Nevada

This restaurant is in a spot in Las Vegas that is away from the entire hustle and bustle of the strip. It’s in North Las Vegas, which is just booming. Pretty much the only place near Los Angeles where you can buy property for two hundred thousand US dollars. So needless to say many Californians are making the leap to Las Vegas, and in my small amount of time I can understand why. When you get away from the strip you feel, like you are in a great suburb that could be anywhere in America. The air is clean and beautiful dessert mountains surround it. I can really see Las Vegas being the next place for many Angelinos to be moving and buying properties. They need delicious food to go along with this notion. And Mezzo Bistro and Wine adds this is spades. Great food in the heart of this bedroom community that has grown by leaps and bound in the last 5 years.

Here’s What I Tried:


Calamari, Lightly breaded squid served with spicy marinara and sliced pepperoncini, and it is soaked in buttermilk. Delicious seasoning and the zesty pepperoncini, is an Italian staple.

Risotto with mushrooms, with goat cheese and red wine reduction. The red wine reduction is enough for you to order this dish. It is sweet and there is a glaze underneath the creamy risotto, just try it.


Italian Antipasto Salad, with Arcadia and iceberg lettuce mix, topped with imported meats and cheese with olives, tomatoes, fire roasted peppers, artichoke hearts and Italian dressing. This salad is so colorful and large, Truly a must have!

Caesar Salad, one of the best Caesar I have had in along time. Just a wonderful dressing and super crisp Romaine lettuce make this salad simply the best.


Gnocchi, with handcrafted potato dumplings, carbonara sauce, peas, pancetta, and grilled Shrimp. The sauce is creamy and delightful, and the shrimp are grilled with superb flavor, a great Gnocchi dish.


Frutti di Mare, with clams, mussels, calamari, shrimp and salmon. Sautéed with sherry wine, with fresh herbs, tossed in linguine. Another terrific menu item, with a kick that will blow your hair back.

Mezzo Specialties:

ÏFiletto Gorgonzola, Hand cut 8 oz. filet mignon, with a rich Gorgonzola cream sauce. Topped with crispy pancetta, served with garlic mash potatoes and grilled vegetables. The meat is super tender and the sauce is just out of this world. The mashed potatoes are equally to die for, amazing.


Mushrooms, buttery button mushrooms oozing in butter, a great dish.


Prosecco, Canti D.O.C, Veneto, IT, the best way to start my experience, it went great with the lovely calamari, and salads.

Chardonnay, La Crema Sonoma, CA.  I just love this wine with the shrimp in the gnocchi, a nice light, buttery wine.

Zinfandel, Fantom Bogle Vineyards, Old Vines, CA.  I always go for the Old Vines Zin, its my jam!  This wine was a no brainer with the steak.

Every Thursday they have new specials, their regulars know their menu and come in on Thursday just to taste the new specials. Mezzo Grill won the best of Las Vegas, Gold Winner, in 2018, Best Wine Bar, Las Vegas Review Journal. Mezzo Bistro and Wine opened on January 1, 2009, and has been a mainstay in North Las Vegas ever since.

The two owners Kelly and Sean are very user friendly. Sean was the one that scheduled my tasting. Sean is from Utica NY, he has all of his Italian family recipes in tow. What he brings to the table is a youthful outlook with his traditional old family recipes that makes Mezzo a real keeper.

It’s just the best neighborhood bistro that I have experienced in a long time. Next time your in North Las Vegas give Mezzo Bistro and Wine a try, you will be very glad you did.

Mezzo Bistro and Wine
4275 N Rancho Dr, Ste 130
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 944-8880


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