Monterey Bay Aquarium – April 6, 2015

Oh the joy of seeing wildlife right in front of your eyes. If it’s a mammal, a reptile, a sea otter, a shark, an octopus, it is all a magnificent wonder! I go into a different place and my dreams are forever enhanced. What I am trying to say, is when in Rome, do as Romans. and when you’re staying a few blocks away from the Aquarium, run there, don’t walk.

I am so sure that everyone’s favorites are the sea otters; they are just little darlings. These creatures ooze charisma, and they make everyone laugh. Feeding time is the best time for view them; the aquarium spends a lot of money on their diet. They get feed, fresh clams, shrimp and calamari. They take the food and plant it on their tummies and swim on their back, and nibble on their wonderful treats while they swim around their aquarium, it is so endearing.

My cousin Jackie worked at Long Beach aquarium, and I used to visit her often. She, being an employee would take me behind the scenes so I could see the labs and see the animals in their behind the scenes habitat. I became very spoiled, so I asked them at Monterey Bay Aquarium if there was anyway to do this, and luckily they said yes. My private tour, by the ever knowing Rachel, called a sneep, I was taken in the Jelly Fish back area, and given a tour of some of the new ones and listened to their amazing history. Believe it is just worth it to come to the aquarium just to see these prehistoric mystery creatures. They are able to clone themselves!! A group of Jelly’s is called a Smack, Swarm, and bloom.

It is right down the street from the Martine inn, literally walking distance, so it really is a must when you’re staying there! The colors, the smells, the joy of seeing these amazing wonders are all part of this area. If I lived near by I would visit once a month, it is so worth the money.


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