My Rose Garden Guest House – Stay – December 27, and December 28, 2016

In an off the beaten path neighborhood lies a slice of heaven, with many amenities and delicious breakfasts served every day. This is a house that will make you feel wanted and comfortable, especially when Sally and Marilyn come greet you outside the kitchen door. Kathleen’s two adorable pugs are super friendly and will also make you laugh.  There are reminders of these two gregarious pugs everywhere in their house. From the overstuffed chair in the living area with pugs in the fabric, to the art in many of the rooms, pugs are everywhere. So welcoming, truly they will become your pals for the length of your stay.

The very safe and upscale neighborhood is known for many scenic walks with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. Right next to the Presidio, now a National Park, and within walking distance of Golden Gate Park. Two beautiful and challenging public golf courses are less than a mile away.

The big San Francisco earthquake of 1906 had major damage across the city, five years before the My Rose Garden Guest House was built. The city fathers like to remind us that it was the fire that followed which did most of the damage, and that planning after the earthquake has made a repeat of the fire virtually impossible. During the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, My Rose Garden Guest House, which is built on solid land, did not sustain any damage whatsoever.

Proprietor Kathleen Meeker opened My Rose Garden Guest House in December of 2006. This is what she was born to do; it just took her a while to figure it out. Kathleen moved to San Francisco in October 1973 fresh out of college (BA Syracuse University in Journalism/Art History class of 1973) with $600, her Border Collie dog Ruby, and an old Renault and heavy debt from college loans. Scrambling to make ends meet, she had various jobs which included working as a secretary in a law firm, receptionist at a construction company, and waitress at a fast food restaurant until she went into business for herself in February of 1974.  Kathleen rode the wave of the popularity of house plants and opened an interior landscaping firm named “Once Upon A Vine”.  By the time she sold the company 14 years later, she had 10 employees, a husband and 3 young children. In the early 90’s she opened “Great California Chef Tours”, hiring celebrity chefs to put on cooking demonstrations and then getting people to attend. She loved this and was well on her way until she was diagnosed with cancer and closed down the business. Her prognosis was good but she had to go through nearly a year of treatment including chemotherapy and just couldn’t run the business, take care of a 4, 6 and 8 year old, a husband and herself at the same time.

The next 10 years were filled with driving carpools, taking children on field trips, teaching Sunday school, and doing volunteer work of all different types. When the children started leaving the nest she was itching to go back to work and the idea of opening up a Bed and Breakfast in the now empty house occurred to her. Her husband Steve wasn’t thrilled with the idea and did everything he could do and say to discourage her but she persevered, got all the licenses from the city, special insurance, planted a rose garden out front and opened her doors, first with only 2 rooms and eventually a total of 4 rooms. Steve has now been won over and helps out when he’s around. Kathleen is the oldest of 5 (4 girls and 1 boy); her mother was a home economics teacher. Kathleen and her sisters were always trying to out-Martha Stewart each other before she was even famous. By the age of 12 she could have probably run the Bed and Bed as well as she does now, maybe not cook as much, but she probably would have crocheted the potholders and sewed the aprons.

The décor is kind of old school but makes you feel super comfortable, like your in your own home, and that is what staying at a bed and breakfast is all about. Christmas time is a perfect time to come, with all of their fantastic decoration and a beautiful tree, you will feel right at home. Not the rigidness of a hotel but the love that surrounds a great home that has lots of character. My Rose Garden Guest House is a great example of how a well lived home can be transformed into a great getaway. After all Kathleen raised her children here. My room the Yellow room is the attic, I could see her kids playing hide and seek and being mischievous with all of the fun eaves in the ceiling. Kathleen did a nice job of turning her kids fun clubhouse into very a doable guest room, with all the creature comforts you would need. I also saw the Violet room, which has a wrap around deck that the dogs go to during the day. The Green room on the second floor looked very magical as well, with its own bathroom. While staying here, if there is something you need all you have to do is ask and they will accommodate you.

The only downfall is parking, it is on a street that is small and butts up again the Presidio. The only parking sign is at the very top of the street and really hard to see. They do street cleaning the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month, make sure you pay attention to the sign and move your car if its Wednesday, getting a $71.00 parking ticket might put a damper in your day.

All and all My Rose Garden Guest House is a good find away from the hustle and bustle of city living, but just a quick Muni bus away from it all, Muni is ½ block away, or you can Uber there as well. Transit in San Francisco is as good as you get, so really no need to have a car to stay there.

Breakfast was fantastic as well, the first morning Kathleen made Huevos Rancheros with cheese, the second morning she made spinach, onions and arugula with fried eggs on top. Breakfast is at 8:30, so no chance of sleeping in, and who would want to and miss Kathleen’s delicious savory breakfasts. My room was so comfy I would go take a catnap after breakfast to make up for my early rising.

I love my job, and finding new fantastic accommodations is always a plus, so I am here to say that I am a fan of My Rose Garden Guest House and will come back when ever I am in my city by the bay!!

My Rose Garden Guest House
75 20th Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94121

*Note some content was taken off of website as well as given to me by the owner.


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