October 29, 207 -Taste Talks – All-Star Cookout – Medusa Lounge Parking Lot

A sunny warm day in Los Angeles in October, the perfect day to raise a glass and eat some really scrumptious food. That is what Taste Talks had to present their foodie type attendees.

Here is what was offered:

Neighbor- Sichuan Cauliflower, Broken Shaker X The Exchange-Grilled Sweet Potato w/Chile and Almond Milk, Mexikosher- Watermelon and Chile Tostada, Bone Kettle- Garlic Herb-Crusted Lamb Loin, Cento Pasta Bar X Otoño- Sweet Corn Polenta, WOOD- Wood-Fired Meatballs, Kato Restaurant X Barbra Jean LA- “Surf and Turf” Smoked Pork &Pickled Shrimp, Delicious Pizza x Delicious Vinyl DJs- Delicious mini-slices, Secret Lasagna- Moo Ping Tacos with Jaew salsa, Dream Pops- Assorted Superfood Pops, Custom Cocktail- Broken Shaker Celery , Complementary Drinks- GA Bar: Beer or Wine.

Celebrity Chefs: Katherine Spiers / LA Weekly, Lara Rabinovitch,
Neuman / Google, Zach Patterson / Umbrella Hospitality Group, Erik Martirosyan / WOOD, Avner Levi / Cento Pasta Bar, Rick Ross / Delicious Pizza, Felipe & Ignacio Santiago // X’tios,Dina Samson / Rossoblu, Steve Samson / Rossoblu, Claire Herminjard / Mindful Meats, Erwin Tjahyadi / bone kettle, Teresa Montaño / Otoño, Jean Trinh / Freelance Writer, Heather Sperling / Botanica, Jeff Miller / Thrillist, Royce Burke / Secret Lasagna, Luke Reyes / La Hoja, Elise McDonough, Ryan DeNicola / chi SPACCA, Alex Pitts / Bazaar Meats, Jodi Liano / San Francisco Cookin, JeffThe420Chef, Antonio Diaz / Life & Thyme, Andrea Drummer / Elevation VIP C, Isa Fabro / Unit 120, Josh Elkin / Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown, Alex Chang / The Exchange, Gabriel Orta / Broken Shaker, Ellen Bennett / Hedley & Bennet, Jason Fullilove / Barbara Jean,Jonathan Yao / Kato Restaurant, Christian Page / Cassell’s Hambu, Nguyen Tran / Button Mash, Star, Michael Fiorelli / Love & Salt Claudette Wilkins, Katsuji Tanabe / Mexikosher, Nakul, Arjun and Pawan Mahend, and Curtis Stone / Gwen, Maude.

They had a VIP area on top of this event in a raised area, where the margaritas were flowing, and people were enjoying every last sip, including me. You were perched atop of all of this glorious smoke filled cook out.

The event organizer: Northside Media Inc., out of Brooklyn, is bringing their beloved Taste Talks food & drink festival to LA for the second year! Join us to celebrate the future of taste through a weekend of talks, tastings, dinners and parties. We’re bringing together LA’s amazing chefs, restaurants and cultural figures together to engage in great conversation, awesome food and one-of-a-kind experiences.

The event was filled with great food, lively foodies, beautiful Eastside types, enjoying their tastes and libations.



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