Pinstripes – Bistro, Bowling, and Bocce – October 8, 2023 – Woodland Hills, CA.

I first met the marketing team at the Miramar Hotel for a great event in Santa Monica. Then, Catee Bartell said they would be having their grand opening soon. At that time, I was also putting together a grand review of all 27 food hall places are at their next-door neighbor Topanga Social. I have been to both Topanga Social, and Pinstripes, a total of 4 times, so I feel knowledgeable about the whole new businesses and development at Topanga Westfield Mall. But the sheer magnitude of Pinstripes in square footage is astounding, as well as a major commitment to their brand. They take up 28 thousand square feet in this new space. It is very impressive indeed. The interior design is very fresh and upscale, with many areas to enjoy a lively lunch or dinner. Their lower-level dining room is huge, and then you go upstairs to another bar, lounges, and a full bowling alley. Whether you want to come and dine or bowl, or do both at the same time, you too will be so excited about all the glorious possibilities there are at Pinstripes. They have 14 locations across the US, and 5 more on the way. Their grand opening was epic, with 3000 customers in attendance, it was one of the best restaurant openings I have been to in a long time.

Manager Daniel Sayer took me through my culinary journey. He was informative, with a no-nonsense pleasant attitude and he got the job done. The other manager Taylor Archibald added some fun, and made sure that everything got delivered in a timely fashion. Mr. personality server – Jason Ingram – came to check up on me as well, he added a bit of levity to this very large tasting.

About Pinstripes:

The Best Bowling Alley in Topanga. Pinstripes is the ultimate destination for bowling enthusiasts in Topanga. With their stylish decor and state-of-the-art lanes, they offer the perfect combination of fun and sophistication. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, their bowling alleys provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for all skill levels. Plus, with an extensive food and beverage menu, you can indulge in delicious Italian/American cuisine and signature cocktails while you play.

Pinstripes is the perfect spot for a night out with friends, a family gathering, or a corporate event. Book your lane today and get ready for a memorable bowling experience that you won’t forget!

The Best Bocce Ball Court in Topanga. Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a game of bocce in Topanga? Pinstripes is your playground, and it is the perfect location for a fun-filled game of bocce, offering luxurious, meticulously maintained bocce courts that are sure to make your experience unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned bocce player or a beginner looking to try your hand at this classic Italian game, Pinstripes has everything you need to have a great time. From their expertly maintained bocce ball courts to their delicious food and drink menu, Pinstripes is the best place to play bocce in Topanga. So, grab some friends, head over to Pinstripes, and get ready for an exciting day of bocce!

Pinstripes prides themselves on setting the highest culinary standards possible; they start from scratch. From wood-fired pizzas to seasonal gelato, each and every Italian-American dish is made in-house. They are committed to serving quality, locally sourced ingredients in every dish. They take pride in their thoughtfully selected wine list, rotating craft beers celebrating local breweries, and an attractive variety of handcrafted cocktails.

Here’s What I Tried:

Proper Martini, in a proper Martini glass. I coveted this cocktail, it had just the right amount of Vermouth, and just the right amount of olive juice, it was truly a great Martini.

The Mule, with Tito’s vodka, fever tree ginger beer, fresh mint, and lime, served in a signature copper mug. A very good mule, with all its sparkling glory.

Blueberry Mash, with Stoli Blueberi, St. Germain liqueur, blueberries, fresh mint, fresh limes, and splash of soda. I just loved the cool refreshment this cocktail provided, one of my favorites.

Paloma, with Casamigos Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, fever tree sparkling pink grapefruit, and sugar rim. A delightful drink, with the perfect balance.

Limoncello Martini, with Meletti Limoncello, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon, citrus sour mix, and lemon twist. This cocktail is sweet, but is also a great combination of flavors.

Fabian Garcia was my bartender at the time of my tasting, and he pulled out all of the stops. Each cocktail was unique and blended with a lot of attention to detail. I have had some cocktails at my various tastings where the drinks were too sweet, too spicy, too bitter, too acidic, these were exactly the opposite. All the drinks that I tasted were the best balance possible. Even though I don’t drink all of them, I tasted all of them, and they all had my seal of big-time approval.


Crispy Calamari, wild caught, and house made marinara. The calamari are super fresh and taste like the sea, I just couldn’t get enough.

Buffalo Cauliflower, with buttermilk blue cheese dressing, celery, and scallions. So, if you’re a vegetarian and love chicken wings, then this is the appetizer for you.

Tenderloin Sliders with truffle potato strings, shallot mayo, and a bordelaise sauce. The meat is like butter, truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Meatballs and Polenta, with hand-rolled beef meatballs, roasted corn, and three-cheese polenta. The creamy cheese polenta is the main reason to try these little darlins.

World’s Most Delectable Chicken Wings with, balsamic BBQ, sweet chili glaze, or spicy calabrese. I had mine with the sweet chili glaze. They were amazingly crunchy on the outside and super tender meat on the inside, with the sweet chili glaze, it’s a winner.

Wood Fired Pizzas and Flatbreads:

All selections crafted on their hand-stretched dough, made with imported Italian ingredients.

Barbeque Chicken, with balsamic BBQ sauce, roasted onions, mozzarella, corn, and calabrese. I loved this pizza, it’s a real pizza, not oval but round and nicely put together. The presentation is so lovely and colorful.

Ahi Tuna, with #1 grade tuna marinated ceviche- style, avocado, balsamic shallots, grape tomato, and arugula. I know I said the same thing, Ahi tuna on a pizza, but the tuna gets partially cooked from the heat of the pizza, it’s not cooked all the way through, but it’s really worth trying.


Cowboy Burger, served with parmesan fries, with applewood smoked bacon, onion rings, calabrese sauce, balsamic BBQ, jalapeno, house made pickles, and sharp cheddar. I just can’t say enough about this super complex burger. If you like great burgers and bacon, then this one is for you.


Signature Chop, with grape tomato, roasted corn, kalamata olives, gorgonzola, burrata, cannellini beans, crispy noodles, with shrimp. Adding the shrimp made all the difference in the world. Their shrimps are plump and fresh grilled, it just added a whole other dimension to this already perfect salad combination.

Super salad, with nine superfoods: kale, spinach, pecans, figs, veggie chips, avocado, grains, raspberries, Humboldt fog goat cheese, honey red wine vinaigrette.  The Humboldt Fog cheese is the best part of this salad, it is a fresh, wonderful salad.


Chicken Italian Dumpling, filled with vegetable and a wonderful flavor, just what the doctor ordered.

Lobster Bisque, I love a good Lobster Bisque and they do a great job. The smooth cream, and touch of sherry, alongside big chunks of lobster is a must have menu item.


Lobster Mac & Cheese, with Maine lobster, shrimp, applewood smoked bacon, sharp cheddar, truffle, scallions, and crostini. It is full of large pieces of lobster and shrimp and is very delicate. Who doesn’t love lobster.

Chef’s Entrée’s:

Chicago – Style Baby Back Ribs, fall off the bone, balsamic. barbeque sauce, parmesan fries, and house made pickle. I asked for more BBQ sauce, which came warm in temperature. What made this dish stand out for me are those divine homemade bread and butter sweet pickles, yum!

Char-Grilled Ribeye, with hand-cut certified angus beef, three cheese polenta, grilled asparagus, roasted shallot, and bordelaise sauce. The bordelaise sauce with every bite of meat will blow your hair back. The meat was very succulent and tender, really cooked to perfection. Wow what a steak.

Maple Glazed Salmon, with Mediterranean grains, cucumber, grape tomato,

pesto, and calabrese. The salmon was moist and tender, and the accompaniments were super delicate and healthy. A great menu choice.


Brussels Sprouts, delicious, cooked with some nice seasonings.

Grilled Asparagus, super thin with a nice buttery flavor.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Delight with peanut butter gelato, concord grape sorbet, peanut brittle, fresh grapes, and whipped cream. If you are a gelato lover, then this dessert is for you.

Caramelized Cheesecake with graham cracker crust, berry sauce, and a caramelized top. This was my favorite dessert, with its hard caramelized top, it’s just delightful.

Warm Brownie and Vanilla Gelato, with triple chocolate brownie, house made vanilla gelato, whipped cream. A beautiful, very chocolatey brownie, with great vanilla gelato.


Cline Cellars Zinfandel, Lodi. The best choice for the steak menu item, it opened up all of the rich nuances that went with the bordelaise sauce.

Honig, Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley. A wine that was paired best with the salmon entrée and the lobster macaroni and cheese dish.

Hess Collection Chardonnay, Napa Valley. A rich buttery wine that enhanced all my fish dishes, as well as the ahi tuna pizza.

Born in the Midwest, Pinstripes is a collection of venues that has rapidly grown across the United States through a combination of made-from-scratch dining, face-to-face gaming, and signature service that makes their guests feel like family. For over a decade, they have stayed true to their humble roots by always providing an extraordinary, magical experience — from the first strike to the first bite, to the first laugh—that brings out the best in everyone. At Pinstripes, they provide a home away from home where people feel like they are celebrating life while eating the best food, playing the best games, and doing it all with the best people. It’s joyous and instantly memorable.

What can I say, it is a super fun experience, combining fun family entertainment with great food. Everything under one very large roof. The staff is very accommodating, pretty much whatever you need to make for an enjoyable happening. Take a date, go with friends or family, but really it’s worth getting out and spending a fun-filled day or night at Pinstripes!


6600 CA-27 Suite 1230

Canoga Park, CA. 91303

(747) 293-8620

*Note Some Content Was Taken Off Of Their Website.



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