Re – Visit Wood & Vine – Feb. 19, 2016

Oh what a few years and a new Chef can do! This place is currently at its peak, and there are so many reasons why you should run to Wood & Vine right now.

I first came to Wood & Vine in July of 2014. It’s not that the Chef at the time was bad, just that the current Executive Chef, Kyle Schutte, has a different take on comfort cuisine. A take that’s super fun, bold, modern, and yet to be done anywhere else. His combinations of ingredients are off the charts. He just knows how things will taste together by thinking about it before it gets cooked and lands on a plate for consumer consumption. He is a pure genius. My experience was great in 2014, but like fine wine, a little time will make a good wine fantastic.

Here’s what I tried:

Charcuterie & Cheese With house pickles, seasonal jam, whole grain mustard ice cream. It is very hard to describe such a wildly new yet amazing concept like whole grain mustard ice cream. I would order this again just to taste this ice cream.

Beef Tartare, grass-fed strip loin, blueberries, pickled mustard seed, hazelnut, and slow-cooked egg, toast. The slow cooked egg on top is just so decadent and it oozes goodness all over the lovely raw meat. The blueberries also take this dish to another level.

Broccolini, with onion jam, almond, yuzu, chili threads. It is a little bit spicy with the chili threads, but a very healthy menu item all the same.

Brussels Sprouts, habanero water, beef fat, Asian pear, rice krispies, frozen yogurt, and Thai basil. So the same kind of concept in the Charcuterie & Cheese with the whole grain mustard ice cream, but instead it is frozen yogurt and as it melts it become a rich creamy sauce, wow.

Roasted & Pickled Mushrooms with carrot puree, corn nuts, and cucumber. You will just gobble this dish right up like I did. The sweetness and picked flavors add up to just being so yummy.

Deep Fried Burger with pickled mustard mayo, beer braised onions, hop scotch cheddar. Another amazing accomplishment, just loved the sauce with the burger.

Local Halibut with chocolate, vanilla, salsify, baby turnips. This is a really novel combination, chocolate with fish, who would have thought, but it really works, and it is so amazing.

Sea Scallops with salt-baked carrots, lemon curd, black garlic. There are a lot of caramelized flavors in this dish, and all of it works perfectly together with the scallops.


Butterscotch bourbon ice cream, sweet thyme crumble, it is creamy, smooth and utterly delicious.

Churro, Mexican hot chocolate poached pear, dulce de leche ice cream. Save some room for this one, you will love it.

The specialty cocktails are astounding as well as their fantastic selection of wines. Everything you will try whether its cocktails, wine, all paired with their delectable food will make you very happy. These are some of the wines I tried: Alysian – Sanvignon Blanc, Cordon – Chardonnay, La Follette – Chardonnay, Annabella – Pinot Noir, Cole Bailey – Cabernet, Trenza – Syrah/Tempranillo. The La Follette was my favorite, which was a great pair with any of the seafood selections. The Trenza – Syrah/Tempranillo was my favorite red, and was so great with the short rib and the burger.

I have had a lot of history with this location, having worked in the Taft building for many years, I just wish we would have had this option to dine at Wood and Vine back then. They are going strong after 5 years in this location and their customer base as gotten a lot larger. I went to their 5 year anniversary party as well the following night, they have so many loyal followers.

I am not going to wait another 2 years before I try this stellar cuisine again; there are just too many things I have to have at least once a month here at Wood and Vine.

Wood and Vine

6280 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028


(323) 334-3360


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