Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn – Palm Springs, California, Stay – May 9 & 10, 2017

This was one of the most fun hotel stays I have ever done. With its kitschy edge, Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn brings you back to a time that is long forgotten. For me, because I lived through this time period, all of the fun décor and vibe is like putting on an old comfortable pair of shoes, it just fits! There were so many reminders of my Grandmother, and my childhood, that you’re flabbergasted from the mere sight of all of its kitchyness.

My room, The Liberace Room had a light fixture that reminded me of my grandmother’s apartment, the very fun Chandelier lamp complete with a silk shade sat on the dining table. The tile in the bathroom is the same the tile that I have as well. The room has pictures of Elvis and Liberace, a figurine type light fixtures, with high beam ceilings and white brick walls, you almost feel like you’re in a cabin. There is leopard carpet and a leopard bed spread, Patent leather tufted bar and matching old time bar stools. There was an O’keefe & Merritt vintage white stove and oven, just the same as I used to have. The linoleum in the kitchen is vintage lime green and yellow. A big swamp cooler, kept everything nice and cold as well as an overhead ceiling fan.

The kitchen is amazing, with all of the 1950’s glasses, plates, bowls, frying pans, things that remind me of my childhood, with a very small patio out the back door. There is an enclosed dressing area with a gold plated vanity and back splash. Also you can put your clothes in a huge wood armoire. The beige velvet fringed velvet club chair added some fun frivolity. I just loved all of the ornate Louis The Fourteenth types mirrors. A marlin in the bathroom and a velvet type painting of Elvis, completed the story.

The kidney shaped pool is very relaxing with all of the pink colored buildings and lots of covered awnings for a place to get away from the sun.

Ruby Montana herself is famous; she was in Tom Robbins book “Wild Ducks Flying Backward”, published on August 30, 2005. It is a collection of poems, short stories, essays, reviews, and other brief writings from Robbins’ career, and Ruby Montana is included in his great cast of characters.

Ruby Montana is not her given name, but she is about as unique as they come. Her famous Seattle shop Ruby Montana’s Pinto Pony was in business for 30 years in Pioneer Square, in Seattle, Washington. It looked like an old Western tack shop on the outside and a shrine to the 1950s on the inside. A huge 2500 Sq. Ft. store and a 1500 Sq. Ft. foot warehouse, Ruby was truly committed to bringing her fantasies to everyone’s life. After all she was the collector of ten thousand salt and peppershakers, known in Seattle for being the Queen of Kitsch. She founded the now-famous Spam Carving Contest in Pioneer Square, an idea she said came to her in a dream, and Seattle City Councilwoman Tina Podlodowski declared a “Ruby Montana Day” in 1998.

Growing up in Oklahoma, she liked to dress up like a cowgirl and collect stamps, rocks and even limbs from trees. Grandma Clementina was her mentor; she collected miniature pitchers, each one with its own fun story. Ruby was fascinated by objects that could tell their own individual stories. Her grandmother taught her a lot about enjoying life and being grateful, she says that her grandmother made her feel safe. She would often tell Ruby that thunders storms were magical, and that it was Gods way of talking, and not to fear them, sadly she passed away in 1982 at the young age of 82. Ruby carried on Clementina’s legacy by devoting herself to collecting, she calls it all “fantasmagorical”. In 1980, she opened Ruby Montana’s Pinto Pony in Seattle, which quickly established itself as one of this quirky city’s quirkiest shops. From Sofa’s to Pez dispensers, Ruby Montana’s Pinto Pony had something for everyone, and there was so much to look at. Making sure that everything in her store had its own remarkable history.

After many successful years in Seattle she moved to The Coachella Valley to run this six-unit resort with pool in the old part of Palm Springs, Old Las Palmas. Ruby Montana liked the fact that the property remained the same in the last 48 years, when she purchased the soon to become Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn she loved that it had good bones and high ceilings. It was originally was meant for a recreation facility for The Los Angeles Rams.

She’s still famous in her own way and people flock to check out her famous life style, many a photo shoot have happened at Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn. She loves the easy lifestyle, and how everyone embraces you no matter what your sexual orientation is.

You see Ruby believes that magic happens behind her gate at The Coral Sands Inn. She says, “It’s a vortex of wonderful energy, a bit of magic happens when you’re here”.

Rooms are not expensive, and for what you get in today’s hotel prices, Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn is a great bargain. Also, for $1750.00 a night you can take over the whole hotel, which includes her living quarters as well.

Ruby Montana found her new niche in Palm Springs, in the neighborhood where Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Dinah Shore once lived. She is the perfect hostess with the perfect venue to help folks see Palms Springs through her unique eyes. Ruby says, “I think Palm Springs is ready for me. It’s a pretty crazy community.” When asked how things have changed since she’s been in The Coachella Valley she says, after 17 years of being in this fantastic area  “It’s still Gay’s and Gray’s.”

Ruby Montana is a true cowgirl at heart, being that she is a quarter Cherokee, but don’t mistake her fun demeanor. She really is a businesswoman at her core, with six-rental properties in the Coachella Valley as well. Ruby has an empire of moneymaking investments, and has no room for retirement at present.

Even with all of the hoopla you feel like your home on the range, you’re coddled in the charm of the 50’s and treated like a princess. Everything you could want from a great hotel is here, look no further. I am truly a Coral Sands Inn believer, I will make this my stop to rest my weary head on one of the softest pillows ever, and bask in the knowledge that everything old is new again. Here at The Coral Sands Inn you don’t have to be stuck with old memories, you can make new ones in a familiar time. So shake up the martinis and put on the Victrola, Frank Sinatra is waiting to be heard, and you too will be grinnin like a weasel in a hen house.

Ruby Montana’s Coral Sands Inn
210 W Stevens Rd.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
(760) 325-4900


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