Sarah’s Southern Kitchen Coffee Shop – Lunch – December 18, 2021- Los Gatos, CA.

Last time I was here in Los Gatos I met Mike Williams and Sarah was working at The Southern Café as his wonderful employee. Tis restaurant has been serving great food for over 20 years. Sarah Williams took over as owner in July of 2021. Past owner Mike Williams, not related, worked at the restaurant his late mother founded 30 years ago. 2020 with the pandemic, nearly ruined Mike financially. Before the pandemic, him and his wife were on the verge of opening Nolan Rose, a family restaurant named for their children, in the former Le Boulanger location a couple blocks down East Main Street. When the project fell through, the couple made the difficult decision to leave town, and Sarah became the new owner. The restaurant has the same amount of locals and the same great food from before.

Someone should write a screenplay about this historic landmark. Everyone knows each other. The very fun waitress Debbie commiserates with every customer. Joe a regular who was scheduled to have a surgery was the star of the show at the counter, a past Vietnam Veteran; he lives close by and comes in all the time. The gentlemen sitting next to me ended up picking up Joes tab for his breakfast and to go order. He didn’t want Joe to know about his taking care of his meal, but I saw Joe’s look on his face, he was touched and shocked, it was quite the moment for me to witness, a great Christmas surprise. He left before Joe knew he paid Anyway this is what this place id all about, a true staple in Downtown Los Gatos.

Here’s What I Tried:

Grass-Fed Burger Steak & Eggs, the burger was cooked medium rare and was very tasty, the eggs were fluffy and light, a delicious breakfast.

Homemade Biscuits with Gravy, the gravy is just so creamy and full of meat, just amazing.

You too can experience this terrific local breakfast / lunch spot and be part of this everyday neighborhood occurrence.

Sarah’s Southern Kitchen Coffee Shop

Open Seven Days A Week

Monday-Friday 7AM-2PM

Saturday & Sunday 7AM-2: 30PM

27 East Main Street * Los Gatos * CA 95030

(Not affiliated with any other Southern Kitchen)

(408) 354-7515


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