September 15, 2017 – Charmaine Blake’s Annual Ultra Gold Celebrity and Media Gifting Suite – Beverly Hills, CA.

This year Charmaine Blake’s gift suite was another fabulous success. There were many celebrity sighting’s, and wonderful fashion, food, and libations. The location was another thing to be marveled at, up in the very ritzy part of Beverly Hills in a mansion, poolside.

Seemi Fashion brought with them their stylish line; guests were excited to view their line as it always brings wearable fabric, in such unique styles. No one left hungry with Pizza Crek featured its very yummy pizza creations. Ron gave me a gorgeous pair of sunglasses from Eye Dope that I simply adore. They are so big that they will black all of the sun out, and if I am in the mood for not putting make-up on they can hide my tired eyes with style. Some of our featured vendors were cosmetics Laser works, Tall Order Socks, Doms Distributions, Sexy Kitchen and Rockoco Films.

The Charmaine Blake event is never short to introduce a new product line to the guests. I am certainly looking forward to another Charmaine Blake’s Annual Ultra Gold Celebrity and Media Gifting Suites, event. They are always held two days prior to all Hollywood awards show. Everyone is so friendly and accommodating including the ever fun and glamorous Charmaine Blake, what an amazing event. Thanks Charmaine!!!


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