Spare Tire Kitchen & Tavern Brunch – Dec. 20, 2015

I had their delicious dinner here back on December 2, 2015 and was told to come back for their great brunch and I was very happy I did!! I was doing a stay cation story for these few days before Christmas in Los Angeles, and just had to do this brunch as part of my story!

Chef Pena made sure that everything was delectable, fresh and memorable. This very happy place was filled with Sunday brunchers, drinking their excellent libations. I am not the biggest brunch person but because I came at 3:00 pm this was by choice my only meal of the day.

Here’s what I tried:

Mimosa, you have to order a mimosa when your having brunch it is just part of the tradition!

King Crab Legz Crusty Bread Garlic or lemon butter. They give you lots of claws, and legs. They are kind of hard to get into but once you do it is sublime goodness that will make you coming back for more. I asked the kitchen to go ahead an open the more difficult ones, when the large claws came back from the cracking station, they were ready for the taking. They serve the crab in a bucket and at the bottom there is the most delicious lemon garlic butter sauce, a must for dipping.

Bloody Mary Snacks The Surf & Turf with 2 jumbo Shrimp, grilled hanger steak. The presentation of this glorious cocktail will really change your whole outlook on a bloody Mary concept. They have many choices on this menu item but I chose the surf and turf. So they bring you a large high ball bloody and then they have a long skewer coming out of the top with a shrimp a chunk of steak a shrimp and another chunk of steak. Basically it is a kebab in your drink.

Soft Shell Crab Benedict Tomato, sautéed spinach, chive hollandaise sauce, toasted English muffin, and fruit. After eating the crab it is hard to eat a fried soft shell crab and not compare the two. But really these are totally different beasts; this dish is lovely with nice crab flavor. I would order this one again!

The Lobster Pizza, Maine Lobster, sundried tomatoes pesto, hollandaise, idiazabal cheese, arugula, Fresno chili’s, shallots. It’s a good idea, I’m not a big pizza fan so I tried it. Next time I would opt. for another type of pizza.

Lamb Burger Grilled apples, Gorgonzola, honey tzatziki & arugula. Nice ground lamb and these nice additions of the cheese and the apples. The honey tzatziki round out this interesting combination.

Chicken & Waffles sage butter, maple syrup. Well this is just the greatest thing since sliced bread!! No really you got to try this, it is savory and sweet and the sage butter just knocks this one out of the park.

Fudge Bread Pudding with candied bacon and vanilla ice cream. What they don’t tell you is just how darn decadent this dessert is, really candied bacon on the inside and then sprinkled all around it wow!!!

OK so I am smitten, they really covered all of the bases here. Brunch is serious business at Spare Tire, and meant to be celebrated and shared.

Spare Tire Kitchen & Tavern
5370 Wilshire Blvd.


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