Stay at The Chantico Inn – February 21 & February 22, 2021 – Ojai CA.

Right on the path into downtown, this Inn is convenient and has everything you would need from a nice hotel without all the fluff and hype. You can walk just about anywhere and or take the trolley or bus. I took the train into Ventura and a friend picked me up, so I was without a car during my stay. But honestly it didn’t matter, I could get around just fine.

During usual times they would have a breakfast and a happy hour but due to Covid they have coffee and breakfast bars and juice in a cooler always there for you to drink. Chantico Inn happily makes you feel like home, their staff is very inviting and will take care of whatever you need. Not to mention their nicely heated pool and Jacuzzi which is just a lovely extra touch, the days I was there it was in the 80’s so taking a swim was so fantastic, I just loved it. I can only imagine how cooling it would be in the hot summer months, Ojai does get pretty steamy.

They gave me a wonderful room; it’s a King/Queen suite. It is a 4-poster bed, very large, with ceiling mirrors, and a queen bed in a separate room with an archway as a divider. There is also a Jacuzzi in the main room, so if you’re wanting a special romantic weekend this is the room for you.

The Chantico Inn has a bunch of great Amenities, pool, spa, fireplaces, private outdoor patios, WiFi – internet access, cable TV with premium channels, refrigerator/microwave/coffee maker, parking, pet friendly, mountain views, antique bed frames, marble countertops and stone basin sinks, antique oak wet bar, beautiful stained glass windows, jacuzzi tub.

Ojai is a lovely land of coastal oaks and lush groves of citrus, olive and avocados. The views are legendary, centrally located, close to first class restaurants and art galleries and within steps of the exclusive Ojai shopping arcade, The Chantico Inn has everything to make your stay a time to relax and enjoy this enchanting valley.

The city is nestled within the Ojai Valley, a tiny sun-drenched, east-to-west laying valley – 10 miles long and three miles wide that closely resembles the look and climate of either Tuscany or the south of France. Topa Topa mountain range is right there in full view from the hotel and just about anywhere in Ojai.

A place to unwind, Ojai, which takes its name from the Chumash Indian word A’hwai, meaning “nest” or “moon” is a special place with a long history of reverence and appreciation for agriculture, the arts, education and the human spirit. With its richness in physical beauty and cultural history, the valley attracts artists, entrepreneurs, activists and actors. The views are legendary. The sight from the top of Dennison Grade is so extraordinary that it was portrayed as Shangri-La in the legendary movie “Lost Horizon”. At the end of the day you are privileged to witness Ojai’s “pink moment”, when the Topa Topa Mountains display an otherworldly pink hue.

The Ojai Valley offers horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, rock climbing, shopping in historic downtown Ojai, theater, many art galleries, a skate park, yoga retreats, world-renowned spas, musicians, a whole calendar full of festival events you won’t want to miss, our natural hot springs, wineries and the Ventura County Wine Trail. You can also enjoy fishing for trophy largemouth bass and a waterpark with a lazy river at Lake Casitas and on Sunday you can enjoy our wonderful Certified Farmers’ Market.

There are so many amazing restaurants and family owned shops; you will need to come back again and again to experience them all.

My stay was relaxing; with their great beds you too will sleep like a baby. It’s the perfect getaway, close to Los Angeles, you can be there in less than 2 hours and step into an environment that will make you fall in love with Ojai’s subtle beauty. Whatever the occasion, think of Ojai as your quick relaxing getaway, you will be forever hooked.

Chantico Inn

406 West Ojai Avenue

Ojai, CA. 93023

* Note – Some content was taken off of their website.


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