The Columns Stay – Oct. 2- Oct. 6 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Old opulent, one of a kind. Even with its minor problems, The Columns will put you in a great state of mind. Adam Miller gave me a 4-night stay and a dining experience. It’s very casual, but The Columns Hotel attracts New Orleans up-and-coming youth. If you’re looking for a perfect modern stay, don’t stay at The Columns. The Columns offer the charm and a bye-gone era. It does have its glitches, but all and all it offers a nice comfortable respite from all of the riff-raff in the French Quarter.

Located in the famed Garden District, there are so many amazing mansions all around to check out. This is a destination bar and restaurant for the party-goers, music lovers and everything in between. The hotel is a bit dated but it still has a feel that you really don’t find at any other properties. The rooms have very high ceilings, I usually knew when a place is touched by spirits and I really did not feel any of that here, For me, it was a comfortable home away from home, without all of the razzle- dazzle, but instead glorious antiquity and beautiful architecture.

Adam was kind enough to give me a gift certificate to use for my simple but elegant dinner.

Here’s what I had:

Vodka Martini, this is the way I like my martini, in a big traditional martini glass with a bit of crushed ice, a great way to start my elegant evening.

Strawberry Spinach Salad, with chicken on top. The fresh strawberries add an extra layer of flavor and the fresh spinach is just what the doctor ordered. Any chance I could get to order anything fresh and green is the way to go here in The South, you need to say healthy.

Onion Rings, their presentation is so fun, stacked on top of one another and so yummy.

Crawfish Penne, creamy rich with a nice flavor, very filling, really great.

The property is right on the St. Charles trolley car line, after I had dinner I took the trolley down the street to the famous Halloween house, which is so creative, It really made me laugh and put me in the holiday spirit.

There is much work to be done at The Columns, but if you know that going in and have a taste for the funky then you will enjoy your stay.

Built in 1883, and listed in The National Registry of Historic Places. The Columns Hotel, designed by one of New Orleans’ great architects, Thomas Sully, is the only remaining example of a large group of Italianate houses that he designed in the late 1880s.The surviving interior features are considered among the grandest known in any late-nineteenth-century Louisiana residence. One of the most dramatic features is the mahogany stairwell, which rises to meet an extraordinary square domed stained-glass skylight in a stylized sunburst motif.The Victorian Lounge was once the main dining room and features a remarkable mantlepiece, and the original built-in breakfront. This piece is of particular historical interest because it is the only surviving piece of its kind in any residence designed by Thomas Sully.

I really enjoyed my stay at The Columns, I would stay here again!

The Columns Hotel
3811 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, La 70115
* Note, some text was taken off of their website.


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