The Franciscan Inn – Hotel Stay – Sunday – January 10 & Monday – January 11, 2021 – Santa Barbara, CA.

When my contact over at The Franciscan Inn & Suites gave me the info on her gorgeous Santa Barbara property it was in 2020, and they were doing some renovations. When I figured out what to do on my Birthday – January 10, 2021, I thought I should contact Debbie Neer and see if I could do a stay at The Franciscan Inn & Suites. She said yes right away, so I was so extremely happy. Debbie told me that it would not be the most perfect stay because of all of the Covid restrictions, but I opted to go anyway. Their daily breakfast and happy hour had stopped, and the pool was open but not their Jacuzzi. Debbie said that once I check in their staff would not clean my room or come anywhere near my room for the duration of my stay. All of this was just fine with me. I really wanted to celebrate my Birthday regardless of Covid and how high all of the case numbers were in Los Angeles, and Ventura County. I figured I could be just as safe in Santa Barbara as I would be at home, I was right. This hotel is right down the street from The West Beach in Santa Barbara, and what better way to be safe during a pandemic, go to the beach and naturally social distance. The scenic views are astounding; so was taking in all of the fresh ocean air. My stay, given all of the restrictions was truly wonderful, just the perfect Birthday getaway. Debbie said that when things get better she would have me back for the full experience.

My room was large, and sublimely elegant, well appointed with a huge bathroom. This is Debbie’s favorite room. Super easy access seeing that it is on the first floor and on the street, super close to their parking lot. The king bed was super comfortable; the large flat screen TV was the best just what the doctor ordered.

I did some Togo orders from some great local restaurants. The staging was done in the lobby where they usually have their daily complimentary breakfasts. It has a comfortable interior, with big oversized chairs, and a nice fireplace to set the mood. Their staff was very safe, friendly and accommodating.

The Franciscan Inn & Suites has a lovely pool, set at 82 degrees. The weather was just perfect; I luxuriated in the sun, and got some exercise swimming.

All and all this was a great Birthday treat for me and very much appreciated. A nice small country style Inn – 1 block away from the beach in the most beautiful part of California, what more could you ask for?

The Franciscan Inn & Suites
109 Bath St,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 963-8845


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