The WESTCOTT – Hotel Stay – November 16 & 17, 2020 – Palm Springs, CA.

A while back I stayed here when it was called The Posh Hotel, back then it needed some help, it was not completed and needed some construction, but it had the best bones. What owner Mathew Westcott has done is taken those bones and transcending them into a charming, fresh new concept that is elegant and welcoming at the same time. But the real beauty here lies in the way both Mathew and his assistant Brian treat you during your stay. They will bend over backward to make everything perfect for you. From the moment you check-in, they offer you a cocktail, seeing all the time that all of your needs are being taken care of. If you want a truly unique experience in Palm Springs that will make you feel like family this classically inspired Art Deco hotel is for you.

Mathew’s Westcott took ownership in the summer of 2017. He also is a neighbor of mine in West Hollywood. He says it had always been a dream of his to own and operate a boutique hotel in America. Raised in the UK, his dream came true. He knew his life plan would happen. Even with Covid he keeps his occupancy up and creates an oasis from the urban hustle and bustle of home.

Mathew’s father was a Hotelier, so the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tress. Both parents supported him and his career dreams. But it took him a while to make all of this a reality. He first moved to New York and was an investment banker on Wall Street. Then he took the plunge and moved to Los Angeles, specifically West Hollywood. From there, the most logical lateral move was to Palm Springs, so when this property opened up he jumped on and knew this would be the best investment ever. It has paid off and with his creative manner and love of people he has turned his Design District boutique hotel into gold. He welcomes all demographics and wants everyone to feel comfortable with all of his hotels abounding luxuries. You feel so pampered and very taken care of.

Mathew’s design concept is just wonderful, most of what you see at The WESTCOTT is Mathew’s fine design style. He shops at all of the local vintage antique stores in the immediate area. I felt like it is something taken out of the pages of Architectural Digest or Interior Design Magazine. Just check out all of the super fun design nuances that The WESCOTT has to offer. From the themed décor in the bedroom to all of the chic tchotchkes in the living room, you will always be seeing more fun stuff throughout your stay. This 1930’s hotel has a lot of architectural history, Mathew says, “I am a caretaker for the building and not a hotel owner”.

They have a big swimming pool as well as a hot tub. At night they play Netflix on the wall next to the hot tub. You can request whatever you would like to watch, that was a super added bonus for me being able to catch up on Season 4 of the Crown. They have a lovely happy hour at 5:30PM and they serve a generous continental style breakfast from 8-10 am. Mathew made delicious cinnamon muffins that blew my hair back.

There is so much more to say, you too will be in the lap of luxury with The WESTCOTT’s super inviting accommodations. They made me feel like royalty and done with the utmost respect and grace, I just loved it! So next time your coming to Palm Springs take the plunge.

The WESTCOTT Boutique Hotel
530 E. Mel Ave.
Palm Springs, CA 92262


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