Walking Tour – Thursday Feb. 6, 2014

What a great way to see historic downtown, and the Mansion District of Napa, and get some exercise at the same time.

I met George Webber when he was doing a tour in the garden at The Churchill Manor; I was very taken by him. He is theatrical and educational all at the same time. He’s the creator of the Napa Walking Tour and is also one of the guides as well. George made tourism his second career after working in the wine industry, Pacific Stock Exchange and the stage. He’s been giving Historic Re-Enactment tours of the Sonoma Plaza for 10 years: performing as General Vallejo, Mark Twain, and William Tecumseh Sherman. Info on George Webber can be found at www.georgewebber.com

My guide Mary was so up on her Napa history. There were so many fun facts. She told me about Napa and beyond and has spent the past 30 plus years living in the Bay Area herself. During that time she visited Napa many times and has been a full time resident since 2005. Mary lives in a restored 1910 farmhouse with a vineyard, gardens and chickens on the east side of town. She has been a Napa County Master Gardener since 2008.

Mary loves Napa’s rich and vibrant history and, as a graduate of UC Berkeley where she majored in history. She enjoys sharing her passion for the subject with others. Mary is a first generation American whose family immigrated to the United States following World War II. While Mary appreciates the abundant bounty Napa offers today, she feels that it is equally interesting to know how present day Napa has evolved from its colorful past.

The tour starts in the historic mill area then head north up the Riverwalk. It winds around to the river then back into the downtown area to make its way to the Mansion District. In this 90-minute tour you will learn about Napa’s history; Native Americans, Rancho Era, Gold Rush, Victorian Napa, Horrors of Prohibition, Boom Years of World War 2, Napa’s Transformation into being a Wine Legend. The tour includes a Micro-brewery Tour and Beer Tasting at Downtown Joe’s. Tour begins at Historic Napa Mill – 500 Main Street, Napa.

Very fun and very easy to recommend!



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