WOW Creations Oscars Gift Suite – March 8, 2024 – The Universal Hilton, Universal City, CA.

WOW Creations Salute to the OSCARS, Lifestyle Gifting Suite. Oscar Nominees, Oscar Winners, Influencers, Sport Stars, and Reality Stars. The Harris Brothers do not disappoint ever, because they make the best suite in Hollywood. They always make everyone feel so comfortable, just like part of one big happy Hollywood family. Some of the other suites are snobby and if you’re not a direct nominee they make you feel like you’re just second rate. But everyone who attends is happy and gifted with great products and lovely compliments. Here are some of the vendors that were there: Kate’s Koffee Sun Chips, Eco MD, Opt Health, Conflicting Loyalties, Aiden Gabor, IV On Call, Children’s First TV, Whey Up , Chroma Italy Shampoo, Dancing Dolphin Essences , Dr. Monica’s Natural Beauty, St. Clair,  Funtology, Shakyre Renee Jewelry, Joy Moy, Jelly Belly, and Max Dahlia.

The hotel provided a great location for their annual Oscar Gifting suite. There was lovely live music happening with a harpist setting the calming environment. Everyone was having a blast, mingling, and comparing notes of their own Oscar and award season experience. And of course, The Harris brothers greet everyone and offer a nice glass of champagne to start their gifting journey. Just loved every minute of all of it!!


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