Hartmann Luggage Gift

I was gifted this beautiful piece of luggage that really has changed my life. I went to Hartmann’s store opening at The Beverly Center last year and spoke a gal from Lividini & Co., Hartmann’s PR team, she assured me that Hartmann luggage would change my traveling experience. I am here to say yes it is very true.

These type of wheels are called spinners, mine was their, Hartmann InnovAire Global Carry-On Spinner and it retails for $500.00, champagne colored. It is very light weight and the wheels spin and go in any direction, which makes for an easy travel experience. I went to San Francisco over Christmas, so pretty much I am dropped off by Southwest curbside, I go through security and the through the airport to my gate. I take my bag on the plane, which is so easy, because you can roll your bag side ways through the isle. It’s lightweight construction makes it easy to pick up and put in the overhead compartment. Uber picked my up at the San Francisco airport and dropped me off at my hotel in Union Square. All very easily navigated wheeling my new Hartmann luggage.

I just want to say thank you to my friend at Lividini & Co. PR in New York for gifting me such a nice high-end piece of luggage that I will travel with forever. They were right it has changed my life!

There are many different styles of this same type of piece, you can check out all of their great products, styles and colors on their website.


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