Bru’s Wiffle Dinner – Tuesday – Feb. 2, 2016

This is a very upbeat clean, crisp restaurant that promises to deliver the freshest ingredients and food ever. There have been a few other restaurants housed in this space. One that I reviewed a little while back, but Bru’s Wiffle offers a unique take on a fun foodie trend that everyone seems to be getting their forks into, waffles! Not just any waffles, but delectable Belgian waffles with so many accompaniments it will truly make your head spin.

They have taken away all of the dark dank interiors from the previous incarnations here and made it very light and chipper. The fun hanging light fixtures over the bar add nice ambient light as well as the bars white marble top. The original brick walls incorporates a nice warmth to the white walls and wood floors. Orchid plants are also everywhere and brighten up the whole space. There were a lot of young couples enjoying their meals, and very upbeat old school rock classics served as the soundtrack. You can just tell that Bru’s Wiffle will be catching on in a big way really soon.

The atmosphere is comfortable and inviting – a reflection of its warm and endearing creator and owner, Ebru Fidan Caplan, who was born and raised in Turkey. She grew up in her family’s hotel and restaurant business, learning the art of cooking. Everything is made from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Having been to Turkey I can understand the little nuances of Bru’s Wiffle Mediterranean influences. Ebru is bringing a new eating experience to Beverly Hills and Santa Monica via her restaurants. She combines her European beginnings, fine management skills, favorite recipes, and her love for cooking.

Bru’s Wiffle is just the right place to indulge your senses in perfect cuisine. You don’t need to come in to Bru’s Wiffle just for your waffle addiction, because their menu has just about everything. From eggs, salad, pasta, and dinner items; you can get all of your much needed sustenance here.

Here’s what I tried:


Crispy rice balls with mozzarella and mushroom. This appetizer is very light, juicy, and is guaranteed to make you very happy.

Salt & Pepper chicken, crispy chicken bites, bell peppers, scallions, and garlic. The small pieces of chicken are tender and perfect, but I really loved the tangy vegetable type salad that accompanied it, very Mediterranean.

Guac on toast with goat cheese, mashed avocado, cucumber, jalapeno, and mushroom. This is a very hearty toast and the combo of these ingredients is just wonderful.

Chicken & Waffle – golden goat, served with goat cheese and honey. Chicken and waffles are all the rage and these don’t disappoint. The waffles are big Belgian style, that are very flavorful and the fried chicken just hits all the right spots. There are so many different types of chicken and waffles that you could order a different type every time.

Eggs Benedict, served with mix greens with crispy polenta salmon cake eggs Benedict, with basil pesto hollandaise sauce. This is such a unique take on a Benedict, the sauce is terrific, green, and then it being on polenta really sets it apart from any other Benedict you will ever try.

Waffle Scrambles, Popeye, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and onions. This is for a breakfast lover, it is very tasty with lots of filling toppings.


Meat Lover’s with turkey sausage, pepperoni, bacon, mozzarella cheese and avocado, served with blazing sauce. There is so much meat in this omelet you will never want for anything more.


Bru’s Burger, served on a brioche bun, with smoked apple wood bacon, fried egg, grilled onion, avocado, tomato and garlic aioli. There is so much yummy stuff piled very high, but next time I would just try the simpler burger because the meat by itself is amazing.


Crispy Chicken with melted wrap, grilled onions, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and cilantro chipotle dressing. Their handmade dressing is out of this world, and the wrap just hit all the right notes as well.

Lettuce Wraps:

Crispy Chicken, with melted mozzarella, mushroom and chipotle mayo. This one would be for the no carb eater, along side comes very delightful crispy Brussels sprouts. This dish is another must have.


Crispy Chicken tower, stack of crispy chicken with mozzarella cheese and jalapeno, with blazing sauce, served with French fries. Any of their chicken dishes are terrific, but the presentation of this menu item is really beautiful. It is all piled high like a big tower.


Kale Cobb Salad with kale, bacon, grilled chicken, goat cheese, avocado, eggs with olive oil and fresh lemon juice. I just can’t say enough about this salad and the dressing is homemade as well.


Shrimp Poor Boy, the shrimp is fried but not with too much breading or oil so its light and crisp, one of my favorite menu items.


Meat & Meat with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, mushroom, prosciutto, and pepperoni. They have their pizza oven from one of the restaurants prior so you just can’t go wrong having this kind of built in equipment, and fantastic pizza.


Salmon Penne, creamy tomato sauce, salmon, and kale. Very nice pink sauce with al dente pasta and the salmon is cubed with nice freshness.

Bru Style Waffles:

Churro Waffle, Belgian waffle with cinnamon, sugar, topped with cinnamon ice cream and chocolate sauce. Truly a decadent choice as a dessert item, but really a perfect way to end my glorious tasting.

My waiter Ernesto Martinez was so much fun, he said, “You have a great job! You walked in like a scene from Sex in the City, saying hi I’m food writer Jodi Jackson”; he just flat out made me laugh every time I spoke with him.

For now they are waiting for their liquor license, but seeing that they have a great array of fresh squeezed juices I did not miss the alcohol. Their fresh coconut juice served in a coconut went so perfect with this amazing food.

There is another location in Santa Monica that is doing really well. I think once you try their food you will be back for more and want to make Bru’s Wiffle a weekly staple in your dining schedule.

Bru’s Wiffle
8635 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly hills, CA 90211
Phone: 310.360.6600
Fax: 310.360.6606
Hours: Tue-Fri 8a-10p, Sat 9a-10p, Sun 9a-4p, closed Mondays


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