Casa of Los Angeles Wine + Art 2021 – Saturday Feb. 6th – 7pm – Virtual Event

Casa of Los Angeles Wine + Art 2021, it is another year of this great event, this year virtual. The place to pick up the food and wine was at the Center for Early Education School in West Hollywood, which is literally around the corner from me, so that was a huge plus. They were so cheerful and organized and made my picking up all my goodies so fun and easy.

Now I am online watching live the show and art auction. Hosted by Ser’ Darius Blain, I plan on bidding on a few things. I just love that I can help a great cause and have something to show for its gorgeous piece of art, so exciting. I did this event live last year, which was at The Beverly Hilton and did my quota for the year as far as donations and silent auction, which were a pleasure and an honor. So, I am all in this year, past years and future years.

You are able to bid on over 170 pieces of artwork from prolific and emerging artists including Ed Ruscha, Shepard Fairey. Robert Kuo, Wrdsmth and many more, the live auction was very entertaining, and some great bargains happened with truly renowned artists.

Here’s what came in my Wine & Food Package:


Jed Malbec 2021 Argentina, rich smooth, went so well with the Meatballs.

Pure Paso J. Lohr 2018 Proprietary Red Wine, going to try this one at later, with a nice steak.

Jed 2013 Torrente’s Argentina, this was an added bonus and will try this with a fish dinner.


I got the Standard Box:

Joy – Seasonal Asian salads, Seaweed salad and Soybeans, both were absolutely delicious, flavorful and healthy, just loved it.

Chef Carmen’s 3C’s – 3 Star 5 Cheese Mac and Cheese, this is by far the best Mac N Cheese ever, just over the top. I was trying to figure out what was added to this rich buttery flavor, just so amazing.
Rice & Beans, this was not listed on the menu, so I am not sure what to call it, but what ever it was delightful
Glaze and Pan Fried Cabbage N Onions, a very nice light vegetable dish, perfect with all of the other menu items.
Honey Cornbread, so good, just the perfect marriage of flavors and went so well with all the other delicacies.
Southern banana Pudding, another off the hook in my book, ate it all, no stopping.

Rao’s – Lovely Penne and Meatball, in their legendary meat sauce. The sauce is truly decadent, and the meatballs just melt in your mouth.

Café 86 – Ube Monster Truffles Fudgy Ube balls made with coconut cream cheese frosting, dipped in white chocolate and Oreos. Tis desert is just off the charts, what a treat, and yum! Ube Crinkles Soft and chewy ube cookies with crackled powdered sugar on top. Delicious light and fluffy, the flavor is like a sugar a cookie but soft and chewy.

Olipop Prebiotic Soda – looks very inviting will drink another time.

All proceeds benefit CASA of Los Angeles and their advocacy programs for children and youth in LA County’s child welfare system.

I am so blessed, to be able to be part of this event, helping all these kids and be able to write about it. Thank everyone who let me partake and I am just so happy I was able to taste, drink, view and bid, loved all of it. It really did not matter that it was virtual, I have been to their live events every year, but we have all had to pivot, and this event was just wonderful, they did a great job.
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