Stay at Villa Rosa Inn – January 12, 2021 – Santa Barbara, CA.

I had stayed here back in October and manager Tia gave me the same room. The room has a patio that sits close to the pool and is just the best location for me in the hotel. There is a big bathtub that has a nice large outside view, but it is still private. The décor is very beachy, and you are down the street from the beach. This hotel is just a home away from home.

They still have a paired down version of their daily complimentary breakfast, as well as the use of their common area, which has a lit fireplace, and a dining area with a microwave. It has many amazing features, and some super cool interiors, mostly antique fill the common areas. Lots to look at. There are only 18 unique rooms, done in Spanish Colonial style. The amenities include a spa and a swimming pool in their very cozy courtyard.

There were not many people in the hotel, but when you meet someone in their common area their story was always interesting. Many people use this hotel as a transitional stay to move into the area. I have met 2 different customers that were waiting for their permanent residence in Santa Barbara while staying at Villa Rosa Inn.

Villa Rosa Inn
15 Chapala St.
Santa Barbara, CA. 93101


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