Chica’s Tacos – Lunch – September 23, 2016

In a sea of Mexican food everything seems to be just ok, with no real pizazz. I am here to say that Chicas offers that and so much more. It is in a very busy part of Downtown Los Angeles. The former restaurant Danny’s Tacos, was a run down taco stand that did get lots of action, but when Chicas took over everything became warm and fuzzy. Their concept is so adorable and the food is just spectacular, anything that came before was just lost in the heavens, sorry, but its true.

Their packaging is a perfect way to house their very delicious tacos and other fantastic treats. Pink bakery boxes that say “Hasta Manana” are just the right fit. On their bowls it says, “Don’t forget to share.”

The colors are very uplifting, from the pink, yellow and aqua accents you get a sense of being in the country, but you are in an urban sprawl instead. From the neon sign down to the 1947 Spartan trailer in the seating area, all fun whimsical design. Oh and did I mention the food, well the fresh tortillas alone will make the trip very worthwhile. The tacos are hearty and inexpensive and will delight every part of your palate.

As a child owner Chris Blanchard says, “my abuela taught me that the freshest ingredients enhance every bite. In our kitchen, we connect and celebrate as a family over the bold flavors of Mexico. My kitchen is your kitchen, my table is your table, and when you eat with us…you are my familia!”

Here’s what I tried:

Aguas Frescas:

Watermelon Cinnamon, it is sweet but with a nice kick from the cinnamon, very refreshing.

Horchata, creamy rich with a nice sweet flavor, just loved their version of this.

Cucumber Lime Mint, a little healthier with not much sugar.


Steak Taco, with peppered Angus steak, crispy potatoes, Queso, radish, pequin salsa, and cilantro. The meat has a nice smoky flavor and you can’t go wrong with all of the other fixings

Chicken Taco, with marinated chicken, Baja med salad, feta, and cilantro. Grilled chicken adds to the overall goodness of this taco, and the feta cheese promises to mix it up a bit.

Fish Taco, The fish is beer-battered, fried and topped with a Caesar salad. This is a great idea and the fish is cooked to perfection.

Mama’s Style:

Mama’s Quesadilla, by far my favorite thing I tried today. It has a sauce and caramelized onions and the tortilla is firm and fantastic.


Guacamole and chips, lots of chunk avocados and the seasonings are simple but great.

Salsa and chips, the chips are fantastic.

Baja Med Salad, kind of Middle Eastern but with a Mexican sensibility.

Caesar Salad, really fantastic, with all of the traditional ingredients, down to the dressing, and the price can’t be beat!

House Pickles, done hot and sour, a good accompaniment to any of the tacos.

Salsas: They are all great, the Molcajete is my favorite, and the habanero packed quite the punch, be very careful with that one. Molcajete, (mild), Morita, (medium), Roasted Tomatillo, (medium), Raw Tomatillo, (medium), Habanero, (hot), Pequin, (hot).

A very rare find, great tacos at a very decent price, branded with a modern twist, in downtown Los Angeles, How could you go wrong?

Chica’s Tacos
728 S. Olive St. DTLA


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