Dinner at Paciere Ristorante Italiano

Sept. 13, 2012

Chef – Owner Jose Pelayo has been serving up amazing food for 30 years in Sonoma county. His wife Mary and Jose formed a cooking partnership; creating their own style of Italian cuisine. But you not only get them you also get their lovely daughter Nicole as a server, and it is all wrapped in a very nice package. You don’t feel the confines of a real fancy Italian dinner house, but you do get the same bold fantastic food. This place oozes locals, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There is a counter that you would find in a coffee shop where the locals like to congregate to shoot the breeze with Mary and Jose, and can feel comfortable eating alone. But here you are never alone; the minute you walk in their front door you are part of the Pelayo family. Both Jose and Mary are on constant watch to make sure your experience is on point. They have hit the nail on the head with their Italian dishes bursting with flavor.

Next time your in Cloverdale and fall short of good food, try Paciere, and your faith will be restored to what home cooked Italian food is all about. Piacére is Italian for “With Pleasure.”

Here’s what I tried:

Scallop and Prawn with arugula white wine sauce, tobiko on top, with garlic cream sauce. The seafood is cooked tender and the sauce is luscious, while the tobiko on top pops nicely in your mouth.

Steamed Clams, in a white wine broth. I am always craving these little wonders and these clams were so delectable.

Tortellini all Romana with prosciutto, peas and pesto with an impeccable cream sauce, so fantastic, just melts in your mouth.

Ceasar Salad Hearts of Romaine in classic Caeser dressing with garlic croutons. The perfect amount of everything in this terrific salad.

Papardella with smoked chicken, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms. Homemade pasta is so scrumptious, and the sauce is a wonderment in itself.

Mushroom Ravioli with pesto sauce, this is one of their specialties, and after you taste you will know why.

Lamb with Apricots and ginger, what a combination, so creative and so good.

New York Steak with Cabernet, sage and mushrooms. This steak is a must have, cooked beyond perfection.

Wines Tasted:

Liars Dice Murphe-Goode, this wine went great with the meats, highlighting the rich fruit sauces.
Frances Coppola Chardonnay, any and all pastas and fish worked great with this lovely Chardonnay.
Cloverdale Ranch merlot, paired nicely with the lamb.

Crème Flan, honestly I have never tasted flan that as so light and refreshing, a culinary miracle.
Mary’s Homemade Tiramisu, this is very good, but I would get the flan everytime.

The history of this place is pretty cool, it was a Smorgette, like a Smorgasbord but smaller, and then it was a Café Victoria,that is why there is a coffee style counter near the entrance. Chef Jose was the chef at Santa Rosa’s Roberto’s restaurant for four and a half years. Mary and Jose met at Cellini’s restaurant, where Jose was the head chef for two and a half years. Mary is Armenian; and English, Jose is Mexican. They say their cuisine is Italian with a Mexican flare. What ever they say I believe because Mexican, Italian, Armenian, its all one great marriage. A marriage of two people and a marriage of very wonderful cuisine, how can you go wrong? Why not try Paicere the next time you are wine tasting in the Alexander Valley. Even better just hop in your car and drive up to Cloverdale, take in some sights and get your appetite ready for some extra special food.

Piacere Ristorante Italiano
504 N. Cloverdale Blvd.
Cloverdale, CA.


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